How To Write A Proper Airbnb Review

How to Write a Proper Airbnb Review 1

Update: August 31, 2018


For some reason, Airbnb hosts and guests really stress about how to write a proper Airbnb review when things don’t go perfectly. To avoid these situations, learn how to identify problem Airbnb guests before they book. I’m going to give you a template to use for all of your future Airbnb experiences, both positive and negative as either a host or guest.


As a refresh, the Airbnb review system is double blinded. The host/guest do not see the review until either both have written a review or one has written a review and 14 days have passed (the time Airbnb allows you to write the review). You have 48 hours to edit your review unless the other party has already reviewed you or the 14-day time limit passed. Keep in mind if you travel in a group, you will get the review published on your profile even if you didn’t make the reservation.

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How to write an Airbnb review for your host (as an Airbnb guest)


This template works for both positive and negative reviews. First, put your overall star score because Airbnb does not show this for some reason. Then, the length of your stay. Then, list the pros. Then, list the cons. Done. It is as simple as that. This format can also be used by an Airbnb host to review their guest.


Here’s what it looks like in the wild:


How To Write A Proper Airbnb Review



How to write a negative Airbnb review for your guest (as an Airbnb host)


I encourage you to be truthful (and concise!). A lot of hosts avoid putting anything overly negative in a guest review. I’m not sure why. If you fall in this category of Airbnb host, then a short review is the same as a negative review. If I see a guest with a review like ‘good guest’ or ‘checked out timely’ then I assume this is really a negative review from a host who does not want to leave an honest review.

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Here’s what that looks like:


negative airbnb review


How to write a positive Airbnb review for your guest (as an Airbnb host)


This should be pretty obvious, right? There’s a lot of systems out there (ie Smartbnb) that will automatically write your guest a generic positive review. To be honest, this is satisfactory. Airbnb has stated that leaving reviews does not affect your search rank. Still, I recommend leaving reviews, but length and variation make no difference. As a host, you want to know the guest treated other hosts’ space with respect, didn’t piss off any neighbors, and didn’t trash their space.

Update: Include your Airbnb’s title in the review for added branding and to get your name out there more (ie. Daniel was a fantastic guest at Super Duper Airbnb House)

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An Airbnb gripe and review advice


One thing that really gets on my nerves is Airbnb’s willingness to remove a negative guest review. If you’re an experienced Airbnb host, you’ve probably encountered this. Your review got removed due to a technicality in the terms of service or review guidelines. They do this because they want as many guests on the site as possible. They know that a guest with a negative review is less likely to get another reservation. They also know that some hosts are overly critical and guests make mistakes (or their friends do) occasionally. Still, very frustrating.


I checked-in a verbally rude guest who made numerous requests upon entering the listing (I met him in person to walk him inside) and never seem satisfied with my solutions. At the end of his stay, I left him a negative review. In exchange for a late check-out request he made, I asked for a positive review. I felt I was going to get a positive review anyways as I met all of his demands. But, this way I felt I assured myself a positive review and was able to give him a negative review. Well, he complained and Airbnb decided to remove both reviews as they said I had solicited a positive review. If you get in one of these situations, be careful with what you say in the message thread or via text with the guest as it can be used as evidence against you.


Do you agree with my Airbnb review template? Let me know in the comments.

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