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Useful Airbnb Links

Below are an assortment of useful and/or interesting Airbnb-related links that I think are less well known.


First, here are some especially noteworthy links that you should be aware of:


Pro Referrers –

Earn $360 for every referred host with Airbnb support if you’re accepted into this program. First, you’ll need to request to join.


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Community Center

The official forum for Airbnb hosts


Do you know about the official Airbnb Community Center? A very useful resource for the Airbnb host. Click To Tweet


And here are some additional links that will help you with your Airbnb hosting:


About Us –

All about Airbnb and their leadership. Plus, a special section on the Engineering and Design departments.


Affiliate Program

Go here to request to partner with Airbnb’s host or guest affiliate program. The most qualitative requirement is having over 1M views per month.



You can request access to connect to Airbnb’s API


Airbnb Blog


Airbnb Citizen

The political side of Airbnb. You can get involved here.


Airbnb Design

Learn about Airbnb design and find featured upcoming events. You can also sign up for their newsletter towards the bottom to stay up to date with Airbnb’s creative teams.


Airbnb Goods

No longer functioning, but maybe one day!


AirbnbMag –

Subscription based print magazine


Airbnb Open – link no longer available

Dedicated to Airbnb’s annual festival, though not updated at the moment. However, you can sign up for their newsletter.


Airbnb vs Berlin

Berlin is one of the most anti-Airbnb cities in the world. A very impressive and seemingly unbiased review of the effect of Airbnb on Berlin’s housing market.



Here you can join the Facebook or LinkedIn Airbnb Alumni groups, though not much activity


Blog, Engineering –


Blog, Design


Engineering and Data Science

Articles and open source projects


Experiences –

Become an experience host




Fast Facts

Part of Airbnb Newsroom, but with really interesting facts about Airbnb including a timeline of events from 2007 towards the bottom.



Based on host identified locations by continent. If your location is on here, add a link to your Airbnb listing!


Host Toolkits

Seven courses for Airbnb hosts as prepared by Airbnb.



A list of worldwide upcoming Airbnb meetups sanctioned by Airbnb.



Airbnb has written impressive neighbourhood guides to 23 locations around the world. It hasn’t been updated in a while, but if your city is on here, be sure to include it in The Neighborhood section of your Airbnb listing.



Complain here if you think your neighbour is Airbnbing and you have an issue.



A treasure trove of Airbnb news information


Night At

Page dedicated to all of Airbnb’s Night At promotions



324-unit apartment building in Florida branded by Airbnb, the first of its kind


Request For Listing Review –

Only relevant for hosts in New York, Portland, or San Francisco who want to be considered exempt from the one host, one home regulations.



This is the secret projects branch of Airbnb, even located in a totally different office



Specifically created webpage for guests searching for longer-term accommodations


Toolkits for Multifamily Properties

Resources to help Airbnb hosts involved with multifamily properties like HOAs and apartment buildings. Also, information on their Friendly Buildings Program or how to talk to your neighbours if you want to start Airbnbing.



Almost 200k subscribers, but highly underrated. Lots of valuable and entertaining content on here.


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