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SmartBNB & Airbnb Automation

What Is SmartBNB?

With the claim that you can “Focus on your hospitality, we can handle the rest”, Smartbnb offer various automation options that can help you to manage your Airbnb business. The idea is to create workflows and process that aid you in delivering excellent customer service and response times to your potential Airbnb visitors so that they feel welcomed and looked after even before they arrive at your property.

“Airbnb, made easier for hosts and guests. Smartbnb provides Airbnb hosts a suite of tools to save time and improve revenue.”

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Messaging automation is only the start: We designed Smartbnb to be your reliable business companion. It will help you automate repetitive jobs on your own terms, and reduce friction with guests and teammates.

SmartBNB offer a range of subscription options based on the number of properties that you run. While there are various other tools on the market to offer automation services (such as Guesty – the market leader), it offers its range of features at a fraction of the cost. With a tiered pricing scale, it makes automation affordable to Airbnb hosts who run a small number of properties. It has also been getting some great reviews on Trustpilot.

SmartBNB: Real User Reviews On Trustpilot

“It’s very well designed, Saving me hours a day, and lots of energy and headaches. I know my guests are getting instructions to the house. I know they are being asked what time they arriving. I know they are asked to leave the key in the room when they leave. I know every inquiry is answered within seconds. And every reservation is welcomed with my personal greeting. I love the assistance with the reviews. and the market analysts tool is extremely helpful in getting to know my place in the market.”


“Smartbnb has been invaluable between the messaging which allows us to respond to our guest queries, bookings, etc. instantaneously and the daily Airbnb search metrics! It has had a material impact on our approach to pricing by providing helpful information as to where we are appearing in search results. We highly recommend!”

At we have been using SmartBNB for over six months now and have found it to make a huge impact on our own Airbnb businesses and the profitability of our clients.

Why Should You Employ Automation For Your AirBnb listing?

Managing an Airbnb listing can turn into a full-time occupation, especially if you are managing multiple listings in multiple locations. It is easy to underestimate the number of hours that can go into making your business profitable by providing high-quality customer service and helping your visitors to feel valuable. If you are familiar with the Airbnb system, you will be aware of how much time goes into performing repetitive tasks or clicks, with the same outcomes being achieved in response to the familiar and reoccurring actions, questions and enquiries of your visitors.

When you factor in that a lot of these tasks that you have to carry out can be time intensive, requiring you to have access to an internet connection in order to complete them, the impact of being unavailable can have a real impact on your Airbnb business. First, your customers expect fast responses, especially if they are trying to book last minute before traveling. Secondly, your response time in administering these tasks can have an impact on your Airbnb time and conversion rate, affecting your visibility on Airbnb, and affecting your potential bookings. Finally, there is also the impact that having a quick response can have in avoiding potential cancellations, encouraging rebookings and how professional you appear to your listing visitors.  By using automation, you can supply your potential visitors with the information that they need, and complete the actions that are required in order to secure your booking.

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Airbnb Listing Optimization Report

The statistics of how Airbnb automation services improve your listing:

SmartBNB also provides calculations regarding how much time their average user can save through their services. They also suggest the following benefits of their Airbnb automation componenets.

Time savings with SmartBNB

Time savings with SmartBNB


  • Messaging: Potential time saving of 32 hours per listing, per month.
  • Market Metrics: Automatically collecting and analyzing your listing data to help you fine-tune your prices.
  • Heartbeats: Improves your “last online” statistics, so your listing visitors know that your listing is actively monitored.
  • ID Checkpoints: Automating the verification of your guests, preventing stalled transactions and reduction in drop rate of 15% and the resulting calendar blocking.
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