If You’re Saying “I Want To Rent My House”, Start Here

Once you have decided “I want to rent my house”, there are a few ways to ensure you maximize the value of your listing and make the most money! Deciding which rental platform you want to put your house on can sometimes be one of the hardest parts.

Airbnb is one of the most successful and lucrative services for listing your property for rent. It has taken over the hospitality industry, offering guests a more personal way to see a new place. While the prospects of having a concierge or hotel staff to help your vacation or business trip run smoothly, the opportunity to live like a local is sometimes more inviting to guests. The decision to join Airbnb as a host can be a big one; Optimize My Airbnb can help you navigate that big choice.

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Secrets To Renting Out Your Property

If you’re a new host recently deciding on renting out your property, there are plenty of secrets to learn before you begin.


There are a few ways to make sure that you are renting your home to safe and reliable guests. One of the best ways is by identifying problem guests before you let them book. A few things that help you identify those profiles are:

  • A complete profile: A profile that includes a clear and recent photo of the potential guest, all of their personal information and a description are the first steps; others are making sure a profile is verified multiple ways and the guest is a host themselves. Be clear when renting to guests with incomplete profiles.
  • Airbnb verification service: Airbnb’s verification process confirms a profile with a guests Facebook profile, phone number, email address and government issued ID. This way you know the guest you are communicating with is for real.
  • Check guest’s reviews: Carefully examine guest reviews to make sure that they aren’t constantly getting negative ones.
  • Open communication with potential guests: Ask guests that may stay at your house certain questions like why they are visiting, who exactly will be staying at your property and other details about their stay. Most people will be extremely open to answer these questions but, if they are not, this should raise some red flags.

Getting Great Reviews

Great reviews are a key to keep your property booked! Once a potential guest has narrowed down their choices to your property and a few others, it will most likely come down to the reviews.

  • Be clear in your property description: It can seem counter-intuitive to be up-front about negative aspects of your property. But being clear about the property so that guests are not disappointed will help you avoid negative reviews.
  • Respond to your guest’s reviews: Interacting with all of your guest’s reviews, positive and negative, will show potential guests that you communicate well and are eager to improve the property.
  • Respond to problems quickly: Everyone’s human and everyone makes mistakes; no guest should expect absolutely everything to go perfectly when they stay at your property. To make up for any inevitable issues or concerns that arise, always be quick to respond to guests. This will almost guarantee a positive review.

    Master hospitality

    One of the reasons that people choose to stay in a hotel over renting someone’s property is because they value the hospitality aspect of staying in a hotel. Having a concierge and the space to spread out, to make yourself at home, is an enticing part of staying in a hotel. Help your guests feel just as comfortable in your home as they would in a hotel.

    • Clear space for guests: Clear coat hangers, hooks and drawers to that your guests can make themselves right at home.
    • Offer amenities: Offer toothpaste, shower supplies and shaving kits so that guests don’t have to bring their own. Other great things to have fully stocked are water bottles or sparkling waters, hair dryers and an iron.
    • Be their concierge: When guests arrive, have notes that outline details to make their stay more comfortable. List restaurants you recommend, areas for nightlife and the best ways to get around. It would also be helpful to leave numbers for taxi companies, should they be necessary.

      Once You Decide “I Want To Rent My House Out”, Optimize Your Listing

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      Renting Out Your Home Privately

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