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Custom Floor Plan (hand-drawn)

(8 customer reviews)


Set your FPG (future potential guest) expectations with this custom Airbnb floor plan. I recommend all ‘Entire Home’ hosts to include a floor plan within the first 10 photos. All of my professionally managed Airbnbs include one and I’ve been recommending them since 2018.

An Airbnb floor plan will help elevate your online Airbnb listing above your competition.

Watch this short video for more on my Airbnb floor plans.



An Airbnb floor plan is another one of those “small” things that set you apart from your competition. Many of these “small” things add up to a big difference. And that big difference is felt (or, not felt) during the slow season. As a guest of over 1,000, I know the FPG (future potential guest) can see the difference.

I recommend all listings add a custom floor plan including bedroom-only Airbnb listings. For a shared or private-room Airbnb, the floor plan acts as a valuable extra photo and is a great option for your Airbnb cover photo.


  1. After your order, you will receive further instructions on how to get in touch with the artist.
  2. Send the artist your Airbnb listing URL (example:
  3. The artist may ask you some questions before making an initial sketch for you to confirm
  4. The artist will send you the final file for you to upload to your Airbnb

Delivery is within 4 weeks from completion of step #3.

A custom Airbnb floor plan is essential for all entire homes. It helps set expectations. Remember, negative reviews are largely the result of mismanaged expectations.

Shared and private rooms can benefit, but it’s not essential.

Upload your floor plan within the first 10 photos.

Additional information


Black/White – Up to 2000ft² or 185m², color, Color – Up to 2500ft² or 230m², Color – Up to 5000ft² or 460m², Color – Up to 10000ft² or 930m², Color – Up to 2000ft² or 185m², Color – Up to 4000ft² or 379m², Color – Up to 8000ft² or 740m²

8 reviews for Custom Floor Plan (hand-drawn)

  1. Mark Biesack

    This is absolutely PERFECT. I LOVE IT!

  2. Kirstin Sippel

    It looks awesome!! Thank you so much. You are so talented.

  3. Sonja Schatzle

    Your drawing is beautiful!

  4. Helen

    First of all – wow, your floor plans are going to be such an asset to my place – I love your style.

  5. Margie

    Amazing, Looks great! This is an amazing addition to my listing when I added this my booking rate went from 3.5% to 5.5%. We get nearly 800 views per 30 days. The month we added this floor plan we got 42 bookings! Thanks, Carmen

  6. Daniel Rusteen

    This is Danny, the founder of this site. I use these on all of my listings and recommend them for everyone besides single rooms. If you have a single room with a separate bathroom or balcony/backyard area or if the guest can use the kitchen/living room/etc then even you can benefit from this. It’s all about setting expectations and this does a beautiful job of doing just that. They also up the professionalism of your online listing. It’s such a unique item that it gets immediate interest from FPGs. I recommend adding this to your first 5 photos and if you don’t have a clear cover photo, this can definitely be considered.

  7. Hannes

    The result is stunning and I love the level of detail in the drawing.

    It took very long to be finished though (ordered Oct 1, delivered Nov 27). As the purpose of this very floor plan is to set the right expectations with guests, it would not be out of place to create the right expectations for hosts who order this floor plan as well, as a good example, by mentioning an estimate of how long it takes to create for example.

    I asked several times for an update :
    quick answer with timing (next week / this weekend / …) -> didn’t make own timing -> didn’t get any update -> waited to not be a pain -> ask for again myself -> repeat x2

    I cannot give good points for communication and meeting timing expectations, but for me the beautiful result more than makes up for it.

    Highly recommended if you’re not in a hurry to get your floor plan… Patience is a virtue!

  8. Greg Eichman

    Final product, outstanding and just as you presented. It did take much, much longer than expected but no big deal (my job is bigger than most) and she communicated about it. Her level of detail is amazing. I would say that she probably doesn’t need to have that level of detail if it adds much time. I am referring to having the bed spreads an exact match! But then again, if she uses standards then I guess everyones would be the same. I will do my other homes.

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