Telephone Consultation (25min)

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A 25-minute telephone conversation with Danny Rusteen.


Ever call Airbnb only to wait an hour and having to explain to them how the platform works before your question is answered? Yeah. Me, too. I know Airbnb better than anyone in the world. Often times, the problem is solved within minutes.

Or, do you have a complex question that requires a discussion? I can go through all aspects of your Airbnb business and management processes to ensure that you are running a fully optimized Airbnb business.

  • Suggestions to save you time in managing your Airbnb
  • Solutions to specific platform-related problems
  • Recommended products or software (vacation rental insurance, home safety and security, guest experience, etc.)
  • Guidance on a new house purchase or market research

If you have a very specific question, send a website chat (lower-right corner) to ensure I can help. If you are looking for general advice or tips, I can help, no need to inquire.

3 reviews for Telephone Consultation (25min)

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    Sarah N.

    Danny quickly responded to my inquiry about renting out one of our properties. He answered my questions in a very timely manner and was very professional when we decided now wasn’t the right time for us to embark on short-term rentals. I would recommend others to speak with him.

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    Alvaro Reinoso

    I don’t have words to describe how grateful I am to Danny. I am also an AirBnB host running a couple of properties, so I have a good knowledge about AirBnB. A friend put in touch with Danny. We had a conversation in which Danny shared with me a couple of apps and tips. With only single and very nice conversation, Danny reduced our daily work by 80%.

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    Stephen Kanzler

    We are also new hosts. And things were not going well. Pricing issues, booking issues, search issues. AirBnB support was absolutely clueless and useless. They mis-identified the problem, couldn’t fix it, and finally “escalated it to IT” which was now two weeks ago and still no resolution in site. In desperation, we began searching online for someone who could help. In 1/2 hour on the phone, Danny solved our problems, explained how/why they occurred and provided some useful tips. It was such a boon to talk to someone in real time who could intelligently answer our questions, knows and understands the AirBnB platform and could provide insight and solutions. He’s proven his value to us, so we are now going to purchase his SuperHost optimization. I expect it will be well worthwhile. Thanks, Danny.

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