Photos are probably the single most important part of an Airbnb listing. This is why I start here. I'll review each photo, starting with the cover, to ensure the photos are "sellers". I look at photo size, clarity, "selling-power" and more.


The title of your Airbnb listing says a lot. Using words that grab the visitors attention is the first step to getting someone interested. A boring title will result in un-booked days... guaranteed! I'll give at least one catchy title to help improve your listing immediately.


This is often the most neglected part of a listing, but is one of the most important. People want to know who you are and what you are about. This is important for people when they are looking for the right basecamp for their getaway.


Just like the title, the summary is highly important too. Once the title grabs their attention, you've got to follow it up with a summary that highlights all the reasons why they should choose your Airbnb listing over others in the area.


Ever read a book that described a scene poorly? No good. The description of your Airbnb listing is the icing on the cake. It sets the scene for the visitors getaway. It better be awesome! (Included with full-service optimization only)


Did you know that photo captions are one of the most underutilized components of an Airbnb listing? These can mean the difference between a booked or vacant night. I'll show you how to craft captions that "sell" your photo (and listing).


A lot of Airbnb hosts fail to adjust their account settings to maximize results. Little things like extra person fees, discounts, and security deposits can make a huge difference. I'll give you the insider scoop on how to maximize the Airbnb settings for your benefit.


Reviews from guests say a lot about what you're doing right, and what can be improved. I'll look for trends and make recommendations based on what I see. Plus, I'll tell you how to handle a negative review.


I will review different factors, give you a specific pricing recommendation for the next 60 days, and provide a strategy to optimally price your listing in the future.


Besides telling you how to improve your listing for best results, I'll also share some secrets I've learned along the way for attracting the best and right type of guests, earning the most revenue, and earning a consistent 5-star guest review.


Once I send you your report, it doesn't stop there. I'll check back in to see how things are coming along and answer any questions you might have.


I've been doing this for a while, and work with people just like you all the time. This is why partners offer me awesome deals to extend to my clients. Get $255+ in discounts to Airbnb-related companies just for being a client. Sweet huh?

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