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Hosting a successful Airbnb starts with great hospitality at any time of the year, but perhaps even more so during the Airbnb winter holidays. Your guests are looking for a relaxing and welcoming space to spend their time while they shop in nearby markets and take in the fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

This is your time to shine and utilize the basic principles of creating an inviting space for your guests, so they keep coming back and recommend your space to family and friends.

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Aspects of a Welcoming Space

One of the best ways to make your guests feel welcome is by designing your Airbnb so it’s friendly and warm. You can achieve this by using elements such as light, layout, and color to create a space that makes people feel at home and at ease when they stay with you. 

Make your Airbnb more inviting by adding these concepts to your space:

Create a warm atmosphere with bright light.

Your Airbnb space should be light and bright so it’s easy to see all the features of a room clearly. Dim and dark rooms can make guests feel uneasy and closed in.

Keep your Airbnb clutter-free

Spacious and neat rooms can improve your mood and have a positive impact on both mental and physical health. Keep your Bnb free of clutter, allowing a natural flow throughout the entire space.

Design with warm colors

Use warm colors in your space to create an inviting environment. Warm colors will make your visitors feel welcome and inspire them to be excited about their trip and stay in your Airbnb.


The textures you design with can influence how your guests feel when staying with you – softer textures can create feelings of warmth and security.

Use aromatherapy

We often associate good feelings with certain smells, such as lavender for relaxation. Aromatherapy can infuse your Bnb with scents that reduce anxiety and help your guests sleep better and feel more tranquil.

Boost mood with music

Music can affect both emotions and mood. Help reduce stress and make your guests feel more at ease by having jazz or classical music playing when they arrive.

How to Apply Those Elements to Your Bnb

Applying all these unique design elements to your Airbnb during the holiday season is easy, creating a unique atmosphere that will help your guests have a great vacation experience.

Whether you’re preparing for your first Airbnb guests or have been hosting for years, use these tips to make your Bnb inviting and cozy during the holidays and at any time of the year:

Effective use of light

Allow natural light to flow into each room to make people feel welcome, hanging blinds and shades for when guests want to diffuse the light. For indoor lighting, use incandescent light bulbs to create a warm atmosphere. During the holidays, hang cute string lights in both indoor and outdoor spaces to create a festive atmosphere.

Keep a tidy and clean space

Create a spacious layout by keeping your Airbnb tidy, clean, and free of clutter. Design a space that’s open and flowing and remove furniture that takes up unnecessary room.

Design with warm colors

Warm, neutral colors will make your guests feel comfortable and cozy. Add interest with bolder patterns and colors with cushions on the couch or paintings on the walls while still maintaining a uniform design throughout your Airbnb. For the holidays, consider fun and colorful bedding to create a special vibe.

Texture means pillows and blankets

Make sure both seating and beds are comfortable with just the right pillows and blankets. Add bright holiday throw pillows to the couch and have extra blankets on hand for your guests to curl up under after a day of holiday activities.

Use candles and diffusers

Welcome guests to your Airbnb by infusing the space with warm and inviting scents. Choose scents that are subtle and not too overpowering. Great choices for the holiday season include apple, cinnamon, and peppermint. Don’t forget lavender candles for the bedroom to help your visitors sleep better.

Playlist of relaxing music

Having soft background music playing when guests arrive at your Airbnb is a great way to welcome them. Jazz and classical are good options at any time of the year but consider some festive music during the holidays. Have a good selection of music CDs available, including a wide variety of styles to keep all your visitors happy and relaxed.

Creative Ideas To Make Guests Feel Welcomed

When it comes to your Bnb, reviews matter – this means it’s important that you be a great host and provide your guests with an exceptional experience, so they give you that great review. Here are a few creative ideas you can use to make your visitors feel welcome during the holidays and at any time of the year:

Holiday tips

Put together tips of special events and must-see things to do when guests stay in your space during the holidays. Use scents (like cinnamon, pine and sugar cookies) and small decor touches in your home that give a festive feel. Make sure that your decorations are welcoming to guests of all religious beliefs, it’s a good idea to remain more non-denominational. Some secular holiday symbols include snowflakes, snowmen, stars, holly, gingerbread, icicles and Christmas trees.

Guidebook and recommendations  

Prepare a digital guidebook of important and useful material such as your contact information, house guidelines, and how to operate the smart TV and remote. Provide a list of unique recommendations for restaurants, cafes, bars, and fun shopping areas.

Maps and transportation

Have maps available of your neighborhood and city, including bus schedules and taxi and shuttle service information.

Guest printables

Download printables that you can display for your guests with information such as your own favorite spots they won’t want to miss and the WiFi network and password. Click here to download those printables seen below or check out more tips to create an inviting space.


When vacationing, travelers are looking not just for convenience, they also want a great atmosphere that makes them feel comfortable and welcoming. Airbnb listings that are hospitable and welcoming get better reviews and more attention. Even more so during the holidays, when people are looking for a place to feel at home. Using the tips listed here, it shouldn’t take much to optimize your Airbnb — a little effort goes a long way to help make your guests feel welcome throughout the year.



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