Airbnb Quick Tip: How to get more Airbnb listing views3 min read

Read below to learn how to increase your Airbnb listing views.


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Topics Covered in this Airbnb Quick Tip:

Three things you should do to get more listing views on Airbnb listing:

  1. Improve your image in P2
  2. Update your amenities
  3. Use social networks

One thing you should not do to get more listing views on Airbnb lisitng:

  1. Never pay for more to get views, how Google AdWords


What’s up Airbnb Nation this is Danny the Airbnb pro come at you from Cali, Colombia.

Today’s topic How to improve listing views, this was a comment on the last week’s episode by a viewer. So we’ll jump into it but just know this is how to increase listing views, not conversion.

I’m gonna give you three do’s and one you do not. 

  • Tip number one

On your current listing as it is now, on P2 which is the search results page, which has the map on the right and the listings on the left, you can do three things: 

  1. Update the photo
  2. Update the title and 
  3. Implement a pricing strategy

These all are obvious things but the reason why I’m able to cover this vast topic in five minutes or less is that I’ve written an article on all three of these topics on my website so I’ll post a link in the description below 

  • Tip number two

You can update your amenities. 90% of the reports that I do I need to update the host’s amenities. 

It’s so uncommon for hosts to update their own amenities that Airbnb now is asking the guests to update the amenities for the Host.

I just check out my Airbnb listing and Airbnb asked me to confirm or add amenities for on the host’s behalf.

To put this in perspective, if the guest is searching your area and they’ve selected an amenity and you have that amenity but you do not have that amenity selecting on your listing the guest will not see your listing. 

  • Tip number three

Social media. 

On all social media accounts, they actually allow you to post a link on your profile a clickable link to your Airbnb Listing. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin all of them allow you to post a link in your description.

  • Tip number four

Is the do not. Do not under any circumstances pay for marketing like Google AdWords.

This will never have a benefit.  It’s cost-prohibitive.

Instead, go to and create a vacation rental website. It’s very easy to do and this way you can target organic searchers instead of paying Google AdWords which cost-prohibitive.

And for, It about $100 a month, I have a coupon for 10% off of your first bill. I will also post on the description.

And with that, it wraps up how to get more listing views on Airbnb listing.  Last week I got quite a few recommendations on what I can cover in future topics if you have a recommendation for me post it in the comments. And if I keep getting multiple comments on each video I can all make this a biweekly video, twice a week. I have no problem with that if I can deliver that amount of value. If you guys are finding this valuable let me know by giving a thumbs up. 


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