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Introduction to a kid-friendly Airbnb

Parents’ comfort during their stay in your home is proportional to that of their kids. They can easily sacrifice their luxury in order to keep the kids happy. Your Airbnb business can be a more beautiful journey if you make your home kid-friendly. Childcare and safety are the primary duties of parents. If you could help them with it, and also see it as a priority, it would bring a great relief.


A child’s comfort at a place expresses the depth of the coziness that that environment provides. And typically, a child can easily get uncomfortable about everything and anything. However, you can get your home to be kid-friendly and boost your Airbnb business with this article.


This article will give you a guide on how to prepare your home for a super kid-experience. As this is usually assumed to be a sure way to leave your guest happy they chose your home.


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Here are some tips on how to prepare your home for kids:


Childproof your home

An unintentional mishap is one of the top killers of children.  Prevention can, however, eliminate almost all of these harms. Take the proper safety measures and childproofing steps to keep your guest’s kids safe in your home. Install safety latches on cabinets and drawers to keep children away.

Child-proof your home kid-friendly airbnb

Use safety gates, door locks, and knob covers to stop the kids from getting into places you don’t want them to. Put locks or latches on cupboards and drawers that contain unsafe items. Use rubbish bins with childproof lids. Cover or block access to hot radiators and floor heaters.


Ask about special requirements and allergies

Obtaining accurate information about all known allergies is key to caring for kids.  For proper provisions, you should ask parents for information about their children’s allergies before arrival.  Prior to accepting to share your home, you must obtain facts about any special dietary requirements. Request preferences and food allergies that the child has, and any special health requirements. Be sure to record and act strictly on information from parents and caregivers about a child’s dietary needs.

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Ask for specific expectations

If you really want to satisfy your guests, asking about their expectations for their kids is one way out. There has to be a specific need at heart right? Find this and act on it. Give them the comfort they want by meeting their expectations.


Cleanliness is next to Godliness

We are all aware of the inarguable importance of keeping a clean home. Firstly, it helps prevent the spread of germs and diseases allowing the kids to stay healthy. Secondly, a clean environment creates a good impression on parents making them trust your ability to look after their children. This, in turn, will help you build a good reputation. A clean atmosphere sure brings relaxation to a child. Kids are known for their curiosity and the constant eagerness to explore.  Make their journey happen in a clean environment.

Keep the home clean kid friendly airbnb

Clearly write out house rules

It is important to create a written list of household rules. You cannot expect adherence to a rule you haven’t shared. Neither can you sanction a consequence that wasn’t known to be a rule. Let the kids become clear about your expectations. Rules also help kids feel safe and secure. When your rules are clear, you’ll be less likely to get into power struggles. Sometimes, household rules should include the ones that everyone in the house is expected to follow, including parents. It will be easier to refer a kid to a rule his or her parent is also keeping.

house rules kid-friendly airbnb

Your household rules should be specific to your family’s values. A lengthy list of rules could become too complicated and confusing, so keep your list short and simple.


Make emergency contact numbers available

Readily available contact information can be a lifesaver in the event of an emergency. Making emergency numbers available for your guests can be heart-warming.  Knowing that they can always get help at any time will definitely triple the relaxation. A handy emergency number for your guest is a friend in a strange land.


Make your home baby and toddler-friendly

The presence of a kid means you need to look at your home in a whole new light. Babies and young children are naturally curious. Use stair gates on stairs for safety. Put padding on sharp corners and keep floors clear of toys and other objects they could trip over. Soon they’ll be climbing. Use bright and charming colors for their walls.  Kids love graphics and colors, having some will do a whole lot of magic.


Prep and secure your outdoor space

The beauty of outdoor living is the opportunity to relax and enjoy nature. Outdoor space can however be the opposite if you don’t prep it. Carefully clear the space of sharp objects. Be sure to have the surroundings well illuminated and void of bad air.


TV and Wi-Fi

Having your TV and Wi-Fi on or off may be dependent on what your guests want for their kids. Some parents would want their kids to have access to TV and Wi-Fi. In this case, be sure to activate parental control. If not, be sure to disconnect the cables from the walls completely. Whatever the case may be, make plans to provide the kids with all the fun you can.

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Display photographs of your kid-friendly and kid-proof facilities in your listing

A product that is not known to a customer cannot be consumed right?  How would your FPGs know if you don’t show them?  Always be sure to put up photos of your kid-friendly Airbnb.  Creating awareness is one big step.  Using photos as proofs is the next big step.


Conclusion: Kid-Friendly Airbnb

Every moment is an opportunity to create lasting memories. Your Airbnb business experience can bring memories that are worth keeping. Learning how to make your Airbnb kid-friendly is an essential step in offering an unforgettable experience. And thinking about kids’ comfort and making the necessary provisions is one way to make your home a preferred choice.

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