6 Unconventional Ways To Increase Your Airbnb Search Rank, Part III3 min read

Airbnb Search Ranking, Part III

Update: Nov. 16, 2017


Warning: Advanced strategies. Part III of III on how to increase your Airbnb search ranking using unconventional strategies.

If you’re wondering where Part I or Part II are (plus the brief intro), click those links. Otherwise, strap in.

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Let’s jump right in…

1. More wishlist saves


Within each listing, the guest has the option to save you to their wishlist. Airbnb recently confirmed that having more wishlist saves directly effects search rank. Ask your family/friends to save your listing to their wishlist and share to your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+) asking the same. By doing this, you are creating backlinks to your own Airbnb listing, to the Airbnb website, and driving views to your listing. All of this likely results in bonus wishlist saves as more people see your listing.

Airbnb wishlist saves


2. Add a self check-in option


First, you have to have a self check-in option to be a business travel ready listing. Second, adding this allows you to appear in more search results because this is a heavily selected option under amenities filters. Think about it, after you travel for up to 24 hours, do you want someone to greet you and ask you a bunch of questions and show you how different things work in the listing? Probably not. You’d probably like to unwind.

Airbnb self check in option


3. Allow pets

I wrote a blog post on why you should be a pet-friendly Airbnb listing that I encourage you to read (7 minute read).

Airbnb pet friendly listings


4. Speak more than one language

Did you know speaking more than 1 language will earn you more on Airbnb? It's true... Click To Tweet


It’s finally directly profitable to learn a new language! A guest is allowed to search by the language the host speaks. This definitely ups your search rank because everyone in the world does not speak/does not prefer to speak English. If you, your significant other, your housemate, etc. speak another language, definitely list it. But only if this person is reasonably available to answer inquiries.

Airbnb host language


5. Add all home safety features

Airbnb wants to mitigate their risk and liability as much as possible. As such, it would make sense for them to give a search boost to listings with all available safety features installed. In fact, you must have both a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector to qualify as a Business Travel Ready listing.

Airbnb Home safety features


6. Relax your cancellation policy

It’s no secret that Airbnb has been pushing a flexible cancellation policy. They have even forced it on some hosts. At a point, they were considering charging hosts 4% and 5% if they selected a moderate or strict cancellation policy, respectively. Given how much Airbnb has promoted the Flexible cancellation policy, it’s plausible they give a boost to listing with flexible cancellation policies. In a recent change to the cancellation policies, Airbnb has said the changes were “to encourage more bookings—especially for more flexible listings.


That concludes part III of III (until there’s a part IV) of advanced and unconventional ways to increase your Airbnb search ranking (i.e. appear in more searches).


Have you tried any of these techniques? Did you see an increase in views, wishlist saves, reservation requests, etc?


Don’t be greedy, share your strategies with us.

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