How To Make Money With Airbnb, The Easy Solution

Airbnb is a revolutionary company that has changed the hospitality industry forever. Now, more than ever, travel is attainable to people from many backgrounds, with any budget and from almost every corner of the world. Airbnb appeals to people trying to make extra money on the side, renting out their home or apartment and also to travelers looking for a more personalized and local experience that is difficult to find with large hotels. Whether you are a host just starting out or a a seasoned host, it’s never to late to learn insider secrets on how to make money with Airbnb.

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How Much Money Can You Make On Airbnb?

So how much money can you make on Airbnb, as simply and quickly as possible?

There are many secrets to discover but one of the most important to recognize and implement is to increase your listing exposure and Airbnb value.


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Optimize My Airbnb founder Danny was an Airbnb employee for almost 3 years; working on the inside he gained a lot of experience as to what exactly makes a listing stand out. After that, he moved on to work for an Airbnb property management company and, eventually, open his own property management venture. On top of that, Danny is an Airbnb Superhost with over 200 reservations completed. Danny knows what to do to make sure your listing gets as much exposure as possible and that your property stays booked!

The process is simple; purchase an optimization report from Danny for a reasonable price. As a basic host, you will only be paying $50. As a Superhost, the cost goes up to $250 (but we promise, the upgrade is worth it). There is also an Advanced host tier if you aren’t quite a Superhost yet. Then just send in your property’s URL and wait for Danny’s report to be sent back to you with suggestions and tips for how exactly to boost your listing.

Can You Make Money With Airbnb?

Before they become a host, many people ask the question “Can you make money with Airbnb”? The short answer is yes. The long answer is if you know the right secrets.

Danny bases his report and resulting suggestions to you based on the following things:

  • Title: Having a catchy, descriptive title is essential to draw guests in from the start. Something concise but also descriptive of your property is the most important part.
  • Photos: Photos are the second most important factor, if not tied with first place. No one will choose to stay at accommodation, hotel or Airbnb property, if the pictures are unclear or uninviting. Optimize My Airbnb will analyze your photos based on their size, clarity and overall “selling potential”.
  • Description/Summary: This is where you lay everything out for a potential guest so be descriptive, telling them about the house and the area and be honest! This is an important tip to avoiding negative reviews; you would rather have someone not stay at your property than stay there and complain due to your inability to be clear about something.
  • Reviews: Speaking of reviews, Optimize My Airbnb will look at all of your past reviews and try to identify patterns to help you improve guest’s stay. Similarly, they will make suggestions on how to avoid negative reviews, should you get any.
  • Settings: You probably didn’t think that little things like security deposits, calendar settings and discount percentages made a huge difference. You would be wrong. Learn the exact ideal settings for your listing profile with Optimize My Airbnb.When renting out your house with Airbnb, the single most valuable thing you can do for your listing is purchase an Optimize My Airbnb report that will examine the listing based on the above factors and more. The process is simple, affordable and, best of all, FAST; depending on your host lvevel, you can get your report in as little as just one day!

    How Much Can You Make With Airbnb

    Airbnb is an easy solution to making more money by renting out your home when you are not there. Many people choose to rent their home while they themselves are traveling to offset the expensive cost of a mortage or to help support their own traveling. While many ask the question “how much can you make with Airbnb?”, you truly won’t understand the value until you become a host and see for yourself how easy is can be to make money.

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