How To Get More Airbnb Bookings FAST

Have an Airbnb listing that isn’t getting as much attention as you had hoped it would? Danny, a former Airbnb employee is here to help. Learn from him all the best tips and methods to learn how to get more Airbnb bookings today. Increase your rankings, book more guests and see just how lucrative your listing can be.

Check out Danny’s site to see all the ways that he will personally work to increase your Airbnb bookings. 


The Secrets Of Airbnb, From A Former Employee

Optimize Airbnb founder Danny was a believer in Airbnb from the start. When he first heard about the company in 2012, he loved the idea so much he eventually applied for a job with the company (he didn’t get it). To learn more about the process, he booked his first trip with Airbnb. He loved it and was inspired to reapply for another position; this time he was hired.

After almost 3 years with Airbnb, Danny began working for an Airbnb property management company, eventually starting his own property management venture to get a better idea of how an Airbnb manage listing worked. Moving on from there he opened Optimize My Airbnb online.

Danny has the perspective you wish you had – the perspective you need – to help your Airbnb listing (or listings!) stand out. With his influence, bookings will fill up, reviews will pour in and, ultimately, your profits will increase! With Danny on your side, expect your Airbnb listing to do better than ever before.


How to boost Airbnb bookings

So how does Danny do it? There are several factors that are calculated in determining how to boost Airbnb bookings.

Photos: Possibly the most important part of getting your Airbnb listing booked is the pictures that showcase the property. Consider this: when booking your own hotel or Airbnb property, how soon and how thoroughly do you browse the property’s images? If you’re like most guests, this is one of your biggest concerns. Optimize My Airbnb will review your photos based on photo size, clarity of the images, their selling-power and more. Once these changes are made, you will instantly see improvements to your bookings.

Title: Just like in any advertisement, article or anything else meant to grab a readers attention, you want the title of your property to be inviting. Something catchy and informative will increase bookings, guaranteed. Increase your Airbnb SEOE with your title and learn how Danny does it to see your property fill up faster than ever.

Your Profile: This is an aspect that is constantly overlooked when posting a property but should not be. One of the reasons that people opt to book accommodation with Airbnb properties is the personalization that they receive through the booking process. Speaking with real locals and learning insider tips that large hotel and property management companies cannot deliver is a key factor in choosing a property to rent. Make your profile personal and detailed for more bookings.

Summary: Just like the title, the summary grabs the readers attention and allows them to read the most important details about a booking. Highlight the reasons that guests want to stay at your property, in a concise but detailed description. This is where you have the chance to truly sell your property before they click out and opt for another listing.

Reviews: Reviews are the glue that holds a solid listing together. Great reviews show potential guests that what your pictures advertise is legitimate and that you are a responsive and hard-working host. Optimize My Airbnb will show you the fine print in writing a good Airbnb review and, as a result, how to navigate negative reviews for your property.

Settings: Do you have extra person fee, a security deposit or no pet clause? These and more account settings can make a bigger difference than you may think. Learn exactly how to optimize settings for the greatest booking rates.

Captions: You probably never thought that the captions beneath Airbnb photos could make such a huge difference on your listing. The reality is that they can be utilized to convert a potential guest into a guest. Use Optimize My Airbnb to learn how to craft a “selling” caption on all the photos in your listing.

Description: This one might be obvious but shouldn’t be glossed over either. This is your final moment to set the scene, to paint the picture of their stay at your property. Don’t skimp on the details and say all the right things and your property will be fully booked any time of the year!

All of these things alone won’t increase your bookings. What you truly need to discover how to get more Airbnb bookings is an expert who knows exactly how to configure each of these factors into an Airbnb listing that works for you.


The Key To More Bookings Is Someone Who Knows What They’re Doing

OptimizeMyAirbnb is your secret formula to more bookings. With Danny’s experience at Airbnb, Airbnb property management companies and more, you won’t find a service more suited to help you improve the rate at which your Airbnb property is booked.

From OptimizeMyAirbnb, expect higher search rankings (make sure your property is found easier by potential guests), higher occupancy (better conversion rates and more valuable, repeat guests), more inquiries (with more exposure, more interest follows), greater credibility (as your positive reviews increase, your credibility will grow and you’ll have a more consistent stream of guests and more.

Danny’s process is easy; inquire with him or purchase an optimization package and send him the URL, allow his 42-point optimization process to run its course and you will have your report delivered in as little as one day! It’s that easy to get more bookings and make more money on your Airbnb listing.

Whether you are considering becoming an Airbnb host or have been one for a long time, there are always ways to improve how to get more Airbnb bookings and be more successful at renting your property. It’s impossible to do it all on your own, so enlist Danny and Optimize My Airbnb and start seeing improvements almost overnight.

Discover Danny’s process and start booking more nights at your property at OptimizeMyAirbnb today!