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Introduction: Airbnb Winter Season

The Airbnb winter season always comes with its own unique sparks and freshness. It is also regarded as the holiday season starting from late November to early January. Icy conditions, cold weather or snow fall are commonplace during this period. And it is the season when most folks love to homestay to share hot coffee with their loved ones around the fireplace. But to many rental business owners, it is a period when sales are at the lowest ebb. This popular belief often leaves some demand gap in the market, as many properties are often left unattended to. And most Airbnb hosts don’t even bother to update their listing for the winter season.

What can you do to up your game during winter? How do you create an unforgettable experience for your guests during this period? This article shares some insightful tips on how you can make some wins in winter.

Before I delve into how you can set up your home for a memorable winter stay, I would love to offer some tips on ways to get more rentals during this season.

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Highlight major events in your area

Update your listing on Airbnb by highlighting special events taking place in your area in winter season that may pique the interest of your viewers. These may include sporting events, concerts, carnivals and what have you.

Give your property an edge

Think of what could set your Airbnb rental home apart from the rest of the park. Then add these features to the apartment in order to give it an edge over others in the area. This can be special lighting, clean and clear walkway, or cozy bedroom environment. In short, create a home-away-from-home kind of sentiment. This may turn out to be a winner, as guests visiting your area during winter may choose your property over others.

Cozy room in airbnb winter


Best Tips for Setting Up Your Home for the Airbnb Winter Stay

Here are the 5 best tips to getting your home ready for vacation rental:

Clear the walkway

The roads and walkways are usually fraught with avalanche of snow during winter season. One of the ways you can show that your property is open for rentals during winter is by clearing the walkway to your house. A clean pathway means guests can easily gain access to your home and that their movement will not be impeded on arrival. It is the least you can do to impress your ‘homecoming’ guests.

Clearing the walkway airbnb winter

Creative light fixtures

The protracted, dark winter days will require you to spice up the lighting dimension in your Airbnb. Cheerful lights, illuminations and well-arranged sparks of light are what brighten the gloominess the inclement weather casts on many properties. And lighting during winter is not just done haphazardly; it requires creating some special effects. These can be created by placing lit candles in glasses at strategic corners in the room, using table and floor lamps to diversify light fixtures and leveraging the power of recessed lighting. A well-lit room engenders a sense of warmth and coziness for your guests.

airbnb Winter lighting

Ensure proper functioning of your fireplace and heating system

One of few ways you can offer a memorable stay for your Airbnb guests is by ensuring the fireplace and heating system are properly fitted and working as expected. The reality is that, during winter, the weather is extremely harsh. Therefore, making your home a haven of comfort and warmth is an essential part of leaving a long-lasting memory with your clients. Don’t forget to showcase the fireplace on your page, as this may also help you convert easily during winter.

airbnb winder fireplace

Equip your home with winter essentials

Quite a handful of hosts neglect this aspect. Stocking your place with winter essentials like maintenance tools will go a long way in ensuring a memorable home sharing. Some of these tools may include extra batteries for devices, ice melt to keep the outdoor floor firm, wood for the fireplace, extra duvet covers and strong shovels. You can even add more icing on the cake by providing some cozy slippers, hot chocolate treats, and head and hand warmers. All these do have some multiplier effect on creating repeated guests.

Prepare a cozy bedroom

Another important task you must do to get your property ready and attractive for your Airbnb guests is conjuring a heaven-like bedroom. Create an ambience of warmth and coziness that can get people contented, happy and warm around the bedroom. Lace the bed with warm blankets, flannel sheets and throw pillows. Other things that may offer your guest a lasting experience will be backup duvets, fireplace and candle lights. Candle lights create an atmosphere of serenity, peace and mindfulness.

Cozy bedroom in airbnb winter

Final Thoughts on The Airbnb Winter Season

In conclusion, calving out a niche for your Airbnb business in winter could be easier than you think. This involves taking some deliberate actions beforehand that may result in some big wins during the special season. Clearing and cleaning your walkway, preparing a cozy bedroom or highlighting major events around your neighborhood could give you an edge in a season where sales are usually slimmer.

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