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airbnb news december 2017

In this monthly piece, I’m going to focus on the fun and interesting news coming out about Airbnb. I’ll mostly be ignoring news from governments and special-interest groups about regulation, litigation, taxes, housing crisis, etc. This post is Airbnb news December 2017.


These Are the Most Wish-Listed Homes on Airbnb in 2017


Need some ideas for upcoming trips? Why not base it on some of the most desirable Airbnb listings.


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Oasis Is The Home-Sharing Company That Doesn’t Consider Airbnb A Rival


Oasis standardizes Airbnb listings, essentially. Except, they’re much more expensive. Would you pay more for a standard Airbnb with guaranteed certain amenities, etc?


20 Easy Ways to Make Your Airbnb Listing Stand Out


My favorite item from the list is number six: to feature one item in your home to make it stand out. A piece of furniture, artwork, rain shower head, etc.


I disagree with #13. Too many photos is a bad thing, not a good thing. Airbnb guests, just like everyone in our day in age, have a short attention span. Grab their attention and leave the detail photos as surprise and delight features upon arrival.


Upgrade your Airbnb


This article focuses on smart electronics, but remember to provide clear instructions if you start creating a smart home. Have a friend read your instructions for clarity.


Also, if you add a video camera, be sure to let the guests know. Put it in your house rules.


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Insurance tips for homeowners thinking about listing on Airbnb


A necessary evil, we all need to know about vacation rental insurance! You can check out Chapter 38: Q+A with Proper, Airbnb Insurance from my book “Optimize YOUR Airbnb: The Definitive Guide to Ranking #1 in Airbnb Search”.


Babierge makes traveling with infants easier via Airbnb-style gear rentals


If this service is available in your area, be sure to offer it to your guests!


Airbnb Releases 2018 Travel Predictions – Do You Agree?


Do you…?


I would love to read your comments about this news or new stuff not covered! This was Airbnb news December 2017.

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