best experience for your Airbnb guests

Introduction: Best Experience for your Airbnb Guest

Being a great host is an art not everyone possesses, though it is as easy as making others feel comfortable and welcome in your home. And to make a decent income as an Airbnb host, it is important to be as hospitable as possible. As the reviews from your past guests, if positive, would help boost your Airbnb business immensely. However, if your concern has been how to create the best experience for your guests, then your journey begins with the tips I will be sharing in this piece.


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Tips for creating a memorable experience for your guests

Make a good first impression

Creating a good rapport with prospective guests by responding promptly and nicely to all their questions makes them feel welcome even before they book with you. After they book with you, you can send emails about the house rules, the neighborhood, where they can eat, chill, workout etc. It helps the guests better plan their trip and this makes you appear thoughtful. They owe you a five-star rating for that.

best experience for your Airbnb guests


Do something special

This doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or fancy, nothing expensive, time consuming or energy sapping. Being on time to welcome them, offering to carry their luggage, getting them a welcome present (such as a chocolate cake, a bottle of wine), a warm bath, volunteering to help them get settled in, sticking small direction or operational notes around switches and electronics or simply giving them a quick tour of the apartment, anything simple to make your guests feel welcome.

A chocolate cake is special to everyone


Be friendly

People tend to like someone who is friendly. A smile here and there, polite responses to questions helps your guests feel at ease with you. Nobody wants to spend time with someone with a big frown, looking all stuck up. Engaging your guests in a conversation while they set up can promote a sense of familiarity. They are able to let you know if they need anything without feeling that they’re a bother. In being friendly, it is good to know when to draw the line so as not to appear overbearing or bold.

best experience for your Airbnb guests


Keep it clean and cozy

Your space should be tidy at all times. The apartment should be thoroughly cleaned after guests leave and before guests arrive. Bathrooms and toilets should be spotless, kitchens should be spotless, all surfaces should be rid of dust and dirt, waste bin emptied, bedsheets changed. Air fresheners help a great deal too. A clean apartment makes it easier for guests to relax and feel comfortable. You can equally empty closets and drawers to create more space for guests’ belongings. A few interesting art and furniture, holiday décor (if it is holiday season) can also give a homely feel. Good lighting gives good ambience making the space warm and cozy.

best experience for your Airbnb guests


Stock up

It is very nice to stock up the apartment with toiletries, extra toothbrushes, extra towels, extra pillows, disposable razors, cotton swab, fun games, clean blankets, magazines and books. Also leave emergency items such as torchlight in case there’s power outage, a first aid kit just in case there’s an accident, an umbrella in case it rains. Keeping these basic but important items for your guests help save them stress. If you have a kitchen, do stock it up too with snacks, vegetables, fruits and condiments.

best experience for your Airbnb guests


Be their tour guide

Whether you would be around or not, it is nice to leave some sort of guide or manual in the Airbnb for your guests. This includes information on places, tourist maps, restaurant recommendations etc. You can go the extra mile by getting the map of the city or town marking the nice restaurants and café, parks, clubs, bars and tourist attractions. These gestures are very helpful and every guest would appreciate them.

best experience for your Airbnb guests


Keep an eye on your reviews

Yes, reviews can be a big deal when they negatively affect other guests’ opinion of your services. Some guests can be difficult, some have too great expectations of what you have to offer and may be disappointed prompting them to give poor reviews. In order to put this in check, it is imperative to be careful when describing your space on the platform. Be mindful of exaggerating your services. It is better to have less expectation and then have it exceeded rather than promising so much and then having hopes dashed. Another interesting way of ensuring good reviews from your guests is by reviewing them first; this would encourage them to give you a good review too. Of course and as always, be sure to respond to your Airbnb reviews.


Conclusion: best experience for your Airbnb guests

Creating the best experience as an Airbnb host is as easy as making a good first impression on your guest, doing something special, being friendly, keeping your space clean and cozy, stocking up your place and being a tour guide. These things are pretty easy to achieve as they are inexpensive, yet give your guests a memorable experience in your city.

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