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Airbnb Open Los Angeles 2016

Update (Dec, 16): Have you been to Airbnb Open? Join the largest Facebook group for Airbnb alumni to stay connected and to find out where the next location is first!

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Going to Airbnb Open 2016 in Los Angeles? …or not?

If you are, be sure to join my Facebook event to connect with other Airbnb hosts and guests before you arrive.

I’m offering free 1-on-1 Airbnb listing optimization consultations for those hosts who are attending through my Brain Date. You’ll have to login to your account at to view it. There aren’t many spots available, currently, I have 75 Brain Dates scheduled.

If you’re not attending, don’t worry because I’ll be taking notes, photos, and videos. I’ll create something unique and post it here immediately after the event. For updates during the event, please join my Facebook group (5,000+ likes). I also have an Instagram (5,500 followers) and Twitter accounts.

If you live in North America and are still considering going, consider this the last time the event will be held here in a many, many years. Chip Conley said this at a recent meeting about Airbnb Open at Airbnb HQ in San Francisco.

I look forward to meeting you if you are attending, please reach out!

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