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Whats Up Airbnb Nation?

This is Danny, the Airbnb Pro coming to you from this famous place: Bali the number one place on the Airbnb wish lists in the world.

And I’m going to make a “Quick Tip for Airbnb” now and it’s my most controversial blog post on How many platforms you should listing. Vacational rental platforms

If you follow me, you know that I only say one. Of course on Airbnb.

But this time I will give you the reasons why.

And I’ve been here, because you only find them on Airbnb. They have an ad on Google, on Instagram.

They have their own website too and I will say how this all enters the process later.

But all the philosophy I have about advertising only on one vacational rental platforms Typically, Airbnb is the best.

To this comes a setback between time spent and payment.

If you go to proprietary websites, you usually see:

“We announce your site we announce your Airbnb on 50 vacational rental platforms”

Maybe on 50 vacational rental platforms and while that sounds good it really is that you must keep 50 ads on 50 different web pages.

  • You must coordinate messages
  • You must coordinate the calendar

50 is excessive, even five or six.

So I prefer to focus efforts on a single vacational rental platforms. My favorite is Airbnb.

There are people who say that damages their occupation.

There are winners in each market, so why not be the best in your market and avoid having to coordinate all the limits and the calendar with a system instead focus all your effort on yours.

This is the reason why I say that you only focus on Airbnb. However, if you are going to take an alternative route, what you can do is create a personal website.

  • You can create Facebook and Instagram,
  • Google places
  • There are also websites like “Your Porter” which is a PMS
  • Like “Guesty” and they allow you to build your personal website.
  • Lodgify is specific to put websites paying a monthly or annual fee to do this.

People ask me I must do this, I must set up an Instagram account, set up a Lodgify account and this depends.
How many additional reservations will these bring you during a year?
What is the monetary cost, the cost of your time?

And if this one is bigger than this one, then you should do it. If it isn’t, don’t do it.

For your specific market that depends, it is a very specific question.

For this iconic place, she says she only does it on Airbnb. It makes a lot of sense, this is an exception to the rule.

If you decide to advertise on a second vacational rental platforms, my suggestion is to limit the calendar on the second platform.

Whatever your primary platform, limit the calendar in the second to be thirty days since if you are thirty days, the probability of having a reservation simply reduces.

You do not need to leave availability for three months on the second platform will be reserved anyway.

If you use a secondary platform, one of the ones I’ve heard is
They seem to be in second place behind Airbnb. There are many complaints that the Hosts have but that is the first to go

Secondly, in your local market there is probably a reservation platform for your local market so this may be a viable option for you.

But if you go over three, four or five this is too much. It will absorb a lot of your resources
my “” services I see what is the percentage of reservations between Airbnb and other platforms.

Airbnb is rarely below 70%. So if Airbnb is at 70%, With the other platforms, you will increase your occupancy to 80 or 90% because some of the reservations you will get from the secondary platform will arrive by Airbnb in some way.

And later, you will optimize your listing.

Be the best in that market and just do it on one platform.

Ok Airbnb Nation thanks for tuning in this week. Give it a thumbs up put the topic you want it to cover in future episodes.

and with that Happy Hosting!

Danny here is going to do a bit again, We will do a little tour here while we do. I want to touch a point that I did not do in the video because it is not so relevant and that is how this Host approaches his Airbnb.

They handle it with a business mindset. What they allowed me now was to film the place that has nothing to do with their Airbnb

Unless they think of it as a comfort. They are thinking about the future. They are already competing but they are thinking about the future.

How do we keep up with what we have right now in the future and always be successful?
So in this particular case she is taking time of her day, cleaning up so she can record it and publish it and share it with my community.

And it is the right approach we should have. Always thinking ahead.
So, are you the type of Host who is not constantly thinking about how you can improve, how will it be in six months, nine months, one year? Then you need to work on your mindset a little more.

This Host was the perfect example that because of this they have become so popular.

They have so many influencers in social networks coming, here posting.

Hi, that’s me.

And the place grows, grows and grows. Help it be unique and etc.

But this Host is looking to make her Airbnb a business rather than a simple accommodation.
They give you an experience instead of an accommodation and that is what I want you all to start thinking about.

It doesn’t matter if your space is super unique like this or just a room in your house always think about how you can improve, how you can make the guest experience better, etc.

Thanks for tuning in to everyone and see you in the next video.

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