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Topics Covered in this Airbnb Quick Tip:

  • The general strategy
  • The code word strategy


What do Van Halen, brown m&m’s and Airbnb guests who do not read have in common?

What is up Airbnb nation I’m Danny speaking to you from Patriarchs Pond here in Moscow Russia.

In this week’s Airbnb quick tip I am going to reveal a secret that will guarantee that all of your future Airbnb guests well you will know that they have read your listing. Trick guest read.

Okay so we know that guests don’t read on Airbnb and we know that them not reading on Airbnb can negatively affect their experience at your Airbnb listings which can then affects your Airbnb review, so we want to avoid this situation if at all possible.

So the first strategy the general strategy is going to be to limit the text in your listing and get over that extensively on my blog and other videos all linked to it down below Mastering your text is my blog post.

Relevant information
You only want to communicate information relevant to the guest at the time of booking. That’s first.

So if you have more than five hundred words in your listing you want to cut it down to below five hundred words.

Some optimizations that I’ve done there’s three thousand words and I cut that down to below five hundred.

Usually three, four hundred words most listings don’t need more than that. Unless you have multi storey house with the yard and six rooms you know few bathrooms a bunch of additional amenities, a sauna, on a rooftop etcetera. But the vast majority of listings can get three hundred.

Now Van Halen is rather famous for a requirement that they put in their contracts when they before they did gigs they told the event staff there that they did not want any brown m&m’s in their bowl of m&m’s backstage.

And while most people chalk this up to just ask for a request by we’re famous crazy musics, actually there was a quite a bit of strategy behind this. It was a manager who came up with this test.

What it did was they had a lot of pyrotechnic here set up at their venues that that could be dangerous to the band and if it was a set up right it would negatively affect the there guests they’re paying guest performance,

So they added this little bit into their contract to ensure that the event staff for detail oriented, that they read the entire contract.

So when they got to the venue if they saw brown Eminem’s they knew that the event staff were not detail oriented and could have messed something up, with the complex pyrotechnics thus creating danger for the band or the fans right at a bare minimum having giving the fans a less than optimal experience.

With Airbnb is if your guests don’t read your listing that could negatively affect their reservation which then negatively affects your review. so I’ll give you this Trick guest read.

The code word strategy.

How do we solve this problem in addition to the overall strategy of only including relevant text?

Is to put a code word at the bottom of your listing.

I would I put it in the summer section right away. If they click a button right below there’s going to be for more boxes of text, the last one is other things know.

What you can do is you can put a code word in there. For example the one that I use when I use this technique is called banana pancakes and I simply say at with your inquiry send me this code word so I know you read the listing.

About fifty percent of guests will put that code word in the listing the other ones who don’t, what you simply do is you just reply to them and say that the guests have the best experience when they read the entire listing.

And most of the guests kind of pick up on and read the listing and get back to you with the code word on those who don’t then you’re saving yourself from potentially a future headache.

Seventy percent of the guess they’ll go back and read it though you’ll pick up on the head brother is that the go back or your listing they’ll come back with the inquiry with the code word in there and then half won’t and that’s okay though because the guest either wasn’t ready to book or save yourself from headache guest.

Don’t think of like you’re going to miss out on bookings in this case the worst thing you wanna do is get a bad guest.

So use this technique and see how it works but this is kind of a basic technique what you really truly want to get to is a point where your listing i so optimized that the guest wants to read your text there’s not much to read and they want to read because they want to identify that your listing is the best, because a lot of listing they’ll look the same with the block text so you’re gonna have the bullets, etc.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Airbnb Quik Tip Trick guest read.

Again if you have suggestions that you want me to cover in future Airbnb quick tips just write a comment in the comment field and I get to those pretty quick actually and go ahead and give me the thumbs up please and the subscribe.
Happy hosting!

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