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Topics Covered in this Airbnb Quick Tip:

The three most important sections are in this order:

  1. Cover photo.
  2. Title and
  3. Summary text


What’s up Airbnb nation hi I’m Danny.

I’m going to attempt to do this week’s Airbnb quick tip The three most important sections of your listing all the way down to the metro in the world’s deepest metro station in Kiev, Ukraine. Arsenalna metro station.

I have a blog post about this, one of my earliest ever blog post.

The three sections are in this order:

  1. Cover photo.
  2. Title and
  3. Summary text.


1. Cover photo.

Now we’ll cover each one individually.

First is the cover photo.

Why is that so important? is because simply it takes up the most real estate on P2 which is the page with the search results on the left and the map on the right.

What you want to have in your cover photo is a few things:

  • Unique colors like deep blues, oranges, purples.

Now you don’t want to cover photo to have too many details because remember, on mobile and even on desktop the cover photo is rather small.

So if you’re shooting a wide angle of the dining room and the living room and the kitchen it’s too much detail. Focus on one unique aspect of particularly well interior design rooms of your house.

  • No views. You show views on secondary photos. You don’t show views on the first photo; the exception is if you’re showing a balcony as the main part of the cover photo and there’s a few behind it.
  • Also pay attention to your competition. A pool in Bali should not be a cover photo. Because 50% 60% 70% of your competition they all show the pool as their cover photo so it no longer becomes unique. You just become a pool of all the other listings

2. Title.
You want your title to explain something that your cover photo doesn’t show and something unique.

For example let’s say you have heated floors you can’t show heated floors in the photo you can write it in the text what it did but this is a potential amenity that you can highlight in the title.

You want to show things in demand like parking if you’re in a big city. Do you have a hot tub? Do you have a balcony?

You do not want to list the number of guests that can stay in your place, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms.

You don’t want to say in generic terms like ‘views’ or ‘gorgeous’

3. Summary text.

Number three is your summary text.

This is all the way at the top. This is the text before the guest house the click any links to read more text in the back and on your manage the sting settings. It’s going to be titled listing description, it’s also going to be all the way at the top.

So the first rule is no block text and what I mean by block text is what 99% percent of the other listings do.

It’s just a big block piece of text it’s hard to read especially on mobile, so bullet points.

And sell your listing again, any amenities that your guest values this is what goes in that text bullet points.

If you rather simple listing and you don’t have many amenities to sell then mention things like: how fast is your is your WiFi maybe 30 megabytes per second?

Do you have a smart TV, do you provide Netflix? Do you do self check in?

These things become sellable features on certain Airbnb listings.

And don’t forget you can even highlight one of your really good reviews in your summary text, just pull out one phrase of the review and put it in your summary text.

Okay that was this week’s Airbnb quick Tip The three most important sections of your listing

I hope you enjoyed it comment down below with future Airbnb quick Tips until next week’s Airbnb quick tip.
Happy Hosting!

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