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Show Notes

BagBnB the Airbnb to store luggage 

GuestBook  It allows you to charge early check in and late check out.

Topics Covered in this Airbnb Quick Tip:

  1. BagBnB
  2. Optimize the cleaning process


What’s up Airbnb nation I am Danny the Airbnb pro coming at you from my Airbnb in Cali Colombia. Today’s topic is how to handle early check in Airbnb request an early check out requests.

Do you already have a strategy if so especially if it’s different than what I’m about to cover now leave it in the comments section I’m curious to read about it. If not, if this is all very new for you if you’ve never thought about how to add make your early check in late checkout process of fission that’s okay it just means you’re not in that new mindset yet that I’ve talked about it prior videos and that new mindset is simply a host to recognize is the running a business and they can make that business more efficient by improving in optimizing all the processes with in that business early check in late check out this is one of those processes.

So if you’re in this group of host who haven’t really thought about it a it’s good the watching this video number one, number two after this video sit down think about a process that you have that’s common and think about how you can optimize that process either for yourself or the guest, test your theory and then tweak it as you need until you get your desired results.

And I want to do a small plug for a new product that I have, my only new product ever coming out in October and it deals with everything except the online aspect which I already do. It deals with your hosting strategies that ultimately lead into your review.

There are two strategies on how to deal with early check in late check out either you allow it or you don’t owall it. Now we’ll first talk about those who don’t allow ever and these are usually smaller property managers who they don’t have the process optimized yet to handle this one extra coordination so they just simply say no. And that’s okay it’s not required that you that the guests check in early but there is an optimal way in how you message this.

Try this.
Tell the guests that you’re sorry you cannot accommodate the early check in request because you already have a late check out requests the same day in your cleaners can’t handle that load.

Strategy #1

Instead what I do offer two alternatives the first one is check out BagBnB if it’s available in that city. It’s the Airbnb for luggage, you can store your bags very cheap in a neighborhood that you want to explore do that for a few hours and then check in later.
Also any nearby hotels will also accept your luggage they don’t ask for your reservation they don’t even ask if you’re a guest at the hotel at the bell boys don’t care they just want their tips.

Now there’s the hosts that always let the guests check in this is also okay but there are two things you want to consider when doing this the first is presentation. If you allow guests to enter your Airbnb before it is ready the guest is going to notice cleanliness things in the house that should be cleaned, that in their mind should be cleaned.

For example I see a black smudge mark on the wall if I walked in early and saw that I would expect that to be cleaned upon returning if I returned and that was not clean I would wonder why isn’t that clean it’s so obvious and it’s not obvious but to the guest it is obvious that the cleaner just missed it that day. But as the guest I was just wondering “well what else isn’t clean? Did they use soap with the dishes or did they just use water and rinse them off?” It creates a bad first impression for the guest.

Also there is such a thing as ‘Airbnb fatigue’ or ‘Airbnb Burnout /wipeout’. It happens to a lot of hosts and it happens to the hosts who let the guests always check in early check out late, clean themselves, physically check in the guests instead of having an automated lock box or key code and these are the hosts who it affects. Obviously you want to avoid Airbnb wipeout, I’ll cover that on a new Airbnb quick tip.

If you have some ideas that you want me to cover on these quick tips leave it in the sections I’ve already gotten many messages and comments on prior videos and I do cover them within the next few weeks.

Strategy #2

Lastly and the group that I fall into is those hosts who sometimes let the guests check in early if there’s no same day reservation because my cleaning process is optimized I know it’s clean because I have my check in process optimized it’s a code I can simply say yes it doesn’t require any more coordination with the cleaners or the check in folks this is one of the reasons why a unit optimized processes and I stress and automated check in so I can just sit there is one of the guests yes in that case but because I’m a good property manager and I really have a date open.
I have some good really really good cleaners who actually read the messages and they’ll tell me Hey Danny I see this guest wants checking over, here is my schedule I think I can do it or I think I can’t do it or I definitely can do it. If they definitely can do it I say to the guests yes here’s when you can check in. If they definitely cannot do it, I tell them that and if they kind of maybe can I give them an extra half hour buffer.
So the guest wants to check in at 2:00 pm, the cleaner says yeah I can be done right around 2:00 pm, I tell the guests “Hey come in, it’ll be ready by 2:15 pm”

And at that point presentation is an issue because the cleaners are just really doing the details finishing up additionally I have a 30 minutes gap upon check in and check out a 30 minute buffer so the host generally has to check out at 11:00 and can check in at 3:00.The cleaners, I tell them you cannot start cleaning any earlier than 11:30 and you must be done by 2:30 this 30 minute gap is useful for two reasons the first is that if the guest wants to check out an hour later I can be flexible with them and say you can’t do an hour later but you can do 30 minutes.

Again I don’t have to coordinate with anyone I can just tell the guests that right away.

Also it avoids the situation the common situation where the guest is five, ten, fifteen minutes late checking out and the cleaner has already been there good cleaners especially for for the first cleaning of the day there there on time or their early. I don’t want them waiting number one because I’m paying for that, I don’t want them going in on the guest because now the guest is taking longer and the guest is more likely to forget something and if a third part is entered into their very last minute checkout routines. Additionally I don’t get text from the cleaner saying Hey it’s 11:15 the guest is still here, I avoid all of that with this 30 minute buffer.

Now lastly there is an app that allows you to charge for this it’s called Guest Book, the website is I’ll put a link in the description.

And that is a route you can go, I have experimented with it I find that about fifty percent of hosts are okay with paying an extra fee but that fee it definitely depends on when they want to check in, if they only want to check in 30 minutes out late or early I never charge for that, instead I might say “Hey, yeah definitely but -kind of joking- also don’t mention that in the review, I don’t want to become a thing but give me an extra positive review

And that concludes this week’s Airbnb quick tips on how to optimize your early check in late checkout process.

Give me a thumbs up if you enjoy this share with your community I deeply appreciate it and I’ll see you next week.

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