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Topics Covered in this Airbnb Quick Tip:

  • 3 reasons to respond airbnb guest reviews
  • General rules to respond positive airbnb guest reviews
  • General rules to respond negative airbnb guest reviews


Did you know that the guest is more likely to read your response then they are to read the review?

What’s up Airbnb nation welcome back to another Airbnb quick tip this week I’m gonna talk about why and more importantly how you should respond Airbnb guest reviews.

The how is more important because every now and then you find those responsible very rarely do you find a host who responds airbnb guest reviews correctly there is a way to optimize how you respond Airbnb guest reviews on your Airbnb listing page.

And it’s just one more way that sets you apart from the competition whether the guest knows it or not sub consciously know it and it’s just one of a million things you’ve done different to set yourself apart from the competition.

There’s three reasons why you should respond Airbnb guest reviews

Reason #1 is that it shows you’re involved host of future potential guess FPGs it shows you’re engaged host reading your guest reviews.

Reason #2 is that it lets you highlight an aspect of a positive guest review that’s if the guest for those hosts who are really good to get really lengthy reviews. Well how nice it is is if you can just cherry pick one section and highlight that in your guest review.

We know that guess don’t read so not going to read that big long review they’re mostly scheming to see if it’s a negative review when they read the first few words: this host was great, this place was great, they’re going to skip down but the host left a comment I don’t see that often. I’m gonna read it so it’s like cliff notes for your own Airbnb listing.

That’s right it’s just like the PS on email or a letter the person is more likely to read the PS then they are the actual letter

Reason # 3 When you get a negative guest review you can respond to it without adding unnecessary attention, most hosts don’t respond to the guest reviews but they figure out that they can respond airbnb guest reviews when they get there first negative response.

They get their first negative review and freak out they call Airbnb this guest lie, I need to respond to this guest review how do I do that? And that’s how they figure it out and then they respond that length to this one negative guest review when they’ve had ten positive guest reviews calling on the attention to it.

Two things wrong there what I just said they’re responding to the only negative guest review; number two they’re probably responding negatively they’re probably accusatory.

I’m writing an article now on How to respond specifically to negative guest reviews because they’re so rare it’s very important to respond correctly to a negative guest review.

There’s a few general rules:
The first general is you’re gonna run a response about two and every three not everyone but respond every two of every three one of every two somewhere in that range and always always always keep your response short the shorter the better. Now if you just have a rather generic Airbnb listing and you don’t get these long reviews as I mentioned earlier well you’re just going to get your reviews you still should be responding to about one in every two.
Now how do you respond to a generic review? I see a lot host to response something like this:
“Hey -guest name- thanks for staying you were so great, hope you had a good time welcome back anytime”
Just super generic wasting the FPGs time instead of optimize it, leverage it.

So I put an example in the notes of an optimized generic response. This Airbnb Quick Tips also as accompanied by a blog post I have more generic responses and more visual examples of what I do in that blog post. Now as I mentioned I’m writing now a whole blog post that’s going to cover How to respond to negative Guest Review this is going to take a whole blog post going to be a rather long blog post it’ll cover a few things right now.

When you get a negative airbnb guest review:

  • Always be short
  • Don’t be accusatory.
  • Never respond to private feedback. The guess is gonna leave you public feedback and private feedback I see more often than not a host is responding to private feedback the words the public feedback are positive they may give a three star review but FPGs can’t see that three star review all they see is positively worded text but then the host response to the private negative feedback in the public review it makes no sense, but it happens. Never respond to private feedback your FPG can’t see it anyways so makes no sense.
  • Never be accusatory.
  • Always address the problem head on and how it was resolved that’s it what the issue is how you resolve. I have examples in the blog posts that I will be publishing any day now.

And finally sometimes there’s reviews that are negative but they start positive there’s a few night the guests had a positive and a negative experience overall positive experience but there was some negatives so the right a longer review will started off positively and then there Berrien negative inside the positive.

Well there’s two things that are going on here first the F. P. G.’s probably aren’t going to see the negative because they have to click read more second the FPGs are just going to skim the first line so you can usually ignore the negative if it’s just a minor negative you can just ignored in total and respond to the positives and the FPGsi totally doesn’t even see the the minor negative that you have.

Okay that’s it for this week Airbnb Quik Tip thanks for tuning in give me the thumbs up for the comments or anything recommend it to your friends tune in next week for another quick tip.

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