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Topics Covered in this Airbnb Quick Tip:

  1. Best photo first vr tour of the house.
  2. Which would you chose 
  3. Why is this the best approach


What’s up Airbnb Nation this is Danny the Airbnb pro coming at you from Manila.

I’m excited today because I’m finally back doing my Airbnb quick tips, I actually like doing these but I took about a two month break preparing for Elevate Host Optimization which is officially on sale today, but already had a few sales.

Let’s jump into this week’s Airbnb quick tip is about Photo Layout. Should you do your photo layout best photos first or a photo tour of your house?

So I’m gonna tell you:

What the difference is,

What the winner is according to me and then, I’m gonna tell you

Why I think this is the best approach.


Best photo first vr tour of the house.

So the difference is a photo tour it is where you start with.

Let’s say you start at the front of the house and then you’ll show the front door. Then you go in and you’ll do the hallway, the kitchen, the bedroom.

What you do is a tour of the house. If you have three or four photos of one bedroom you would put three or four photos of that bedroom first.

Best photos first are simply your very best photos first it’s more of a random order.


Which one would you chose 

So there’s some discussion about which is a winner. In my book the clear winner and is the best photo first and that is because you have a short attention span as do I, as does everyone, as does your F. P. G. and so you want to hold their attention quick.

If you don’t believe me, go to your TV station then mute it.  Just take a look at how often the angle is changing it’s almost every second, every couple seconds at the longest, sometimes even quicker than a second.

The screen is always changing in front of you and you’re less cognizant of it when the volume is on. Give that a test and see how quickly they’re changing it.

Why they’re change it so fast? because your eyeballs on the TV represents dollars for them so they want to keep your eyeballs on the TV.

A good a specific one is: go to a news channel or sports channel and do the mute again you’ll see on the bottom. There’s the sports scores are the ticker scores, there’s the Talking Heads in the middle. Maybe with some graphics, the scores are on top and news headlines or whatever else is on the right side. I mean these two are good examples and it’s just because we have such a short attention spans.


Why is this the best approach

Now with an update Airbnb it quite awhile ago, more than six months ago. On the cover page, after you see the search results and you click on your Airbnb listing, you’re going to see the main photo and then you’re gonna see four more, right before or right after.

In hat first photo you have to click, no other buttons and you see five photos right away.

So that means the guest sees five photos right away before moving on, and photos are the most important.

So if you do the photo tour, you’re gonna have a photo of the front of the house maybe and then of the hallway the front entrance. It’s not going to be very enough. While with the best photos first you’re gonna have a picture of the pool deck, the kitchen of a bedroom of a bathroom and then a bonus picture.


How do you guys do your photo layout you do best photo first or do you do a photo the more photo layout let me know what works for you.

As always in the comments let me know what future topics you want me to discuss and with a comment you can post your link.

Some of the comments, depending on the actual comments how lengthy it is, I’m gonna do some free listing reviews.

This is going to basically go on indefinite, I maybe do a free listing review once every couple weeks.

Happy Hosting!

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