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Topics Covered in this Airbnb Quick Tip:

The do’s and do not for your Airbnb Listing Title:

  • Focus on the front of your Airbnb title
  • Try to use 50 characters for you Airbnb Title
  • Highlight amenities
  • Avoid generic adjectives
  • Avoid Capital Letters
  • (Maybe) Avoid add your neighborhood in your title
  • (Maybe) Add location specific indicator
  • Use emojis


What’s up Airbnb nation!

Why am I flexing in the cover photo? The same reason why I am standing in front of these two gigantic paintings with eye-catching-color. To get you click.

This week’s Airbnb Quick Tip is about mastering your Airbnb Title, with these Airbnb Title tips.

Welcome. Let’s jump into it.

To accompany this Airbnb Quick Tip on Airbnb Title tips, I’ve actually created a pretty sweet tool. It’s called the Airbnb Title Generator. It does what it says.

At the end of the video, I’ll tell you how to access this. Simply answer a few questions, press submit and you’ll get a unique Airbnb title that you can copy and paste directly into your Airbnb Listing.

This week’s Airbnb Quick Tip is how to perfect your Airbnb title with this Airbnb Title tips. The second most important thing of your Airbnb Listing.

Now, First and foremost: The title is for your guest, is not for you.

Keep that in mind with all of these Airbnb Title tips that I’m going to give you. 5 do’s and 4 do not.

  • Focus on the front of your Airbnb title

Focus on the front of your Airbnb title. This becomes of extreme importance when you are on mobile devices.

More than 15% of Airbnb bookings are coming from mobile devices and seems to be growing year over year.

If you are on a mobile device, you get simply fewer characters to communicate information to your guests.

So the things that you are gonna highlight in your Airbnb title that we are going to discuss later.

You wanna move those to the front. However, a lot of the times, what I see on Airbnb titles in the first few words are:

Generic adjectives (Cozy, Comfy, central, spacious, bright). None of these things tell me something that the photos don’t.

  • Try to use 50 characters for you Airbnb Title

Airbnb allows 50 characters for your Airbnb Title.

And there is a correlation between number of characters used in title and search ranks. So you wanna get as close to 50 as possible. Anything 45, 46 and above is ok.

  • Highlight amenities

Now, this one is huge.

This is how you build a great title. You highlight the amenities.

What amenities do you have? And all homes have amenities.

Whether you are standard listing or a luxury listing. If you are a luxury listing, you have a rooftop balcony overlooking the Sidney Harbor.

Do you have a backyard with a sauna and a hot tub? And an olympic size pool with a built-in barbecue.

If you are a standard listing, it can be anything from self check-in to really fast Wi-Fi, super fast Wi-Fi to washer and dryer.

Or if you’re in a city that has parking issues and you have parking out your house, this is definitely a big sellable point.


  • Avoid generic adjectives

Avoid generic adjectives in your Airbnb title at all costs.  if you have any of the following words in your Airbnb title, pause the video go to Airbnb and delete out.

just do that first and replace them at the end of the video:

  • clean
  • beautiful
  • central
  • charming
  • renovated
  • luxury
  • spacious

if you have the number of bedrooms or bathrooms.

Any of these things, go to your Airbnb and delete them right away.

Not so common nowadays but don’t use your Airbnb title to identify your listing. This is usually an error by property managers who have a billion listings.

They’re managing and they put on the end a little number, or some identifier that’s for them or for their cleaners.

Airbnb is actually introduced and your back end under title and description internal name. Use it instead of putting that in your title.

  • Avoid Capital Letters

Capital letters I don’t really have a strong opinion on this. I just identify capital letters with those spammy postings on Craigslist or any of the local websites that sell things.

I don’t see it very often on Airbnb.

Additionally when you do capital letters, it gives you less space to work with because each letter is bigger. This becomes a problem especially on mobile which, again is very important.


  • (Maybe) Avoid add your neighborhood in your title

In almost all cases I recommend you not add your neighborhood to your title. The reason is based on two assumptions I make.

The first assumption is that the guests just don’t know about your neighborhood, no matter how popular it is for you in your area.

Most guests probably don’t know about it and so it’s not going to encourage them to make a booking or it’s so popular that the guests already knows about the neighborhood and you don’t have to mention it again.

There’s one exception to this rule. If you’re in a city where the neighborhood’s bump up to each other one block to another is a new neighborhood and sometimes they’re crummy and good neighborhoods.

Something that comes to mind for me is the Tenderloin in San Francisco and Nob Hill. These are literally next to each other. Nob Hill goes up a hill a little bit but coming down you’re gonna see a bunch of homeless people and more crime and police in this area.

Literally right next to each other. People know about the Tenderloin and the Nob Hill so if you’re close to that border in that case, I might add a Nob Hill just to clarify.

(Maybe) Add location specific indicator
The next tip is a maybe. It’s maybe add a location specific indicator.

A location specific indicator would be a beach or would be a stadium, football or soccer stadium.

Most of the cases with the stadium, you don’t want to put that in there because just being a few extra blocks, a few extra minutes in a cab it’s not gonna make much of a big deal. Now if you think or you know that it does make a big deal then obviously you want to add it.

If you’re next to a beach I do recommend you add how many minutes from the beach especially if it’s a famous beach where people are coming there for that beach like Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia.

That could be a big difference especially the circle on the Airbnb map. If you haven’t chosen a specific location I recommend you do that now.

But if you have it that circle that’s actually a half of a mile in diameter so that’s a 15 minute walk for most people.

So if you’re traveling somewhere for a beach. A beach is the destination getaway, the beach destination then about 15 minutes at first some people could be a deciding factor and again, you want to be honest about your listing so you attract those guests who want your listing and detract those guests who don’t want your listing and then you don’t have to do anything.

The five star reviews just roll in.

  • Use emojis

The last and definitely not least Airbnb title tip is to use emojis or symbols in your title.

It’s a pattern interrupt and all the titles are black on Airbnb so you’re scrolling down and you see a bright yellow star or a picnic umbrella or an emoji of some guys swimming to indicate you have a pool.

If you’re in a central location like you might consider putting: Heart of downtown instead of spelling out the word heart .

Now as for whether or not emojis and symbols are allowed on Airbnb, I’m gonna direct you to the accompanying blog post that I’ve written. Link below in the description.

Airbnb Title tips

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