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Topics Covered in this Airbnb Quick Tip:

  • Add emoji into your title 
  • Importance of the length of your title
  • Focus on the front of your title
  • Add amenities into your title


The listing title is for the guest. It’s not for you the host. I’ll explain what I mean.

What’s up Airbnb nation! I’m Danny.

This week’s Airbnb quick tip is about how to Master your listing title. I’m gonna first go through a few negatives because most of you watching this or doing things wrong or Zeth Nicer can master your listing title.

And then at the end all cover a few things that you should be doing to master your listing title.

So the first most important thing you want to do to master your listing title is add a emoji a star, a smiley face, a check mark or a Cup of coffee. There’s a bunch of all.

The reason you want to do this is because when the guests are scrolling through the Airbnb listings, all the titles are black. They all kind of start looking the same.

So if the guest scrolls through and sees a yellow star, well it’s a pattern interrupt. It’s gonna make them notice your listing possibly for a one second longer and that one second might be enough to get them to click on your listing which you have an optimized beautifully optimize listing so once they click on the listing, you got them.

I do have to say that emoji are against Airbnb terms of service so take this into consideration whether or not you want to take on this added risk. The benefit versus the risk here.

So once they click on the listing you got it I do have to say that emoji isn’t and any type of movies are are against Airbnb terms of service so take this into consideration whether or not you want to.

This Airbnb quick tip that has a companion blog post that I will link to in the description for a little more detailed, a little more details. Each Airbnb title can be fifty characters and you want to be as close to fifty. Ideally, you just want to be fifty.

There was a study done a couple years ago that measured a bunch of things, one of them was the length of your title your search ranking Airbnb. And they discovered that there is a correlation between the titling and the first page of search results.

Focus on the front of your Airbnb title the reason why is because on tablets and phones mobile, any mobile devices, the title the second half is gonna get cut off.

But the first half is never going to get cut off. So I see a lot of times in titles that I optimize there’s really important syllable features at the end of the title. So sometimes they’re totally not being seen by guests unless they already click on the top on the on the listing. 

Add amenities into your title. What are the guests getting when they’re booking your Airbnb. And just the cabbie on that. If you’re showing something in the cover photo, don’t say the same thing in the title. So a good example is heated floors you know this could be a sellable feature and you can’t show that in the cover photo. And it depends on your listing. Some listings are very basic. So you don’t really have that many sellable features. So in that case you’re gonna sell things like a Netflix subscription. That works! Add that in your title. 

go to your If you’re in a very central neighborhood instead of putting a central, put walk score ninety nine something like that. If you have a patio and it’s not in the cover photo you can add that.

It again if you’re in one of those listings that don’t have it’s a basic listing well maybe a self check and maybe that’s an amenity that you can highlight. When your listing that’s a little more luxurious and you have a lot more amenities offered, well that’s when you go for the most premium amenities:

  • Do you have a sauna and your bathroom?
  • or a rooftop balcony?
  • maybe a hot tub?

Give me the thumbs up give me a comment. 

Okay some things not to do is don’t use generic adjectives. If you were going to put you know like I mentioned: 

  • Central
  • Big
  • beautiful 
  • or even two bedroom 
  • spacious 
  • luxurious 

All of these aren’t they don’t really communicate information. They communicate generic information. A lot of these things the guest will understand from looking at the photo.

Don’t use caps. This one I’m I’m wishy washy or not but I just don’t think they look very good. They kind of make it look a little bit scammy,you know. In some advertising like Craigslist ads, the ones that always around all caps you always kind of pause a little bit. So my recommendation though, I don’t know how much it affected, don’t use caps in your Airbnb title.

Again the title is for your guest it’s not for you. I’m looking at you Airbnb property managers. You have a tendency sometimes to add numbers into the title. The numbers are to help you identify what listing is. But you’re wasting valuable very valuable space on these numbers for you enough for the guest. I also suggest you don’t add in the neighborhood because one of two things is going on: 

  • either you’re living in a very popular neighborhood that the guest already knows about 
  • Or two, the guest doesn’t know about the neighborhood so it’s wasted space is wasted information.

I’m staying in the Palermo district here and it would be a waste of space if in the listing title they said Palermo.

Now funny enough the listing of saying at Airbnb plus, they lose control over their title and everybody does put in Palermo the neighborhood which I totally disagree with.

Speaking of which I’m this is my first Airbnb plus experience and I’m documenting everything from the booking through the check in through the checkout.

And I’m gonna post a video in a couple weeks documenting from a guest experience. It’ll be a normal check out video like I do but it’ll be more so from a guest experience. My first experience after staying almost a thousand nights in Airbnb. My first experience with Airbnb plus. 

The one exception with calling out your neighborhood is if you live in a city where from one block to the next it goes from crappy to nice. The example that comes to mind is in San Francisco there’s the Tenderloin district. It’s a very central district and it’s a shitty neighborhood. But just a few blocks north up the hill is Nob Hill which is a very nice neighborhood. So in this case where all the neighbors are very close and there’s and there’s drastics differences between the niceness of neighbors. In this case you might say Nob Hill  just to specify where you’re at. 

Also remember to click the exact location on your Airbnb map. You have two choices:

  • Generic, it’s going to show a circle on the map 
  • Specific, it’s going to show a pen. Show the pen always.

The final thing that you want to do sometimes, this is a maybe, is to be location specific.

And this really comes into play when you’re staying next to a beach. Okay, if you’re a house next to a beach well this is kind of important because they get a fifteen minute walk or two minute walk is kind of a big difference for someone goes to the beach every day.

If you’re next to a stadium or something like this a music venue, in that case ice I don’t recommend you putting it in the title because this is like a one time experience so it doesn’t matter if your two minutes or fifteen minutes walk but on a beach it would matter.

Okay thanks for tuning in to this week’s Airbnb quick tip Master your listing title

I hope you learned something and as always send me some suggestions for future Airbnb quick tips. 


Happy Hosting.

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