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Topics Covered in this Airbnb Quick Tip

  • Why views no matter?
  • What metric really matter?


What’s Airbnb Nation this is Danny I’m speaking to you from Almaty Kazakhstan.

This week’s Airbnb quick tip is about how important views are in relation to occupancy.

This quick tip comes from weekly questions I get from hosts that say: “Hey Danny my views they drop, they plummeted what do I do?”.

What is up Airbnb Nation?
With this week’s Airbnb quick tip I’m going to attempt to correct some faulty thinking that has been promoted by both Airbnb and yours truly.

And that is that views don’t matter.That’s right views do not matter, so ignore your airbnb views.

We’ll get into what does matter in a second but the reason why views have taken front and center is mostly because Airbnb has put it front and center on your hosting dashboard this is how many views you get, pay attention to this.

Rewind back to July eighth 2018 when I did one of my very first Airbnb quick tips it was about the title was How to get more listing views and it was actually one of my most popular I think it was my most popular Airbnb quick and what that means is that views are front and center in Airbnb hosts minds that’s what they’re searching for.

So why are our views not import? I’m going to demonstrate with two scenarios:

  • Scenario A listing has ten thousand views and a twenty percent occupancy rate.
    Scenario B listing has one thousand views and an eighty percent occupancy rate.

At first glance it doesn’t make sense but most people, maybe everyone would choose Scenario B so the question is why?

And the answer is the conversion rate.

Is higher, much higher on scenario B and you’d rather have that. So the issue it’s a conversion rate thing, it doesn’t matter about the views.

For the listings that I manage I don’t get many views and the reason why is because those guests who view my listings, they book my listing.

I get questions and comments and emails multiple times a week from concerned hosts that see their views have dropped and it tells me there’s a disconnect because views don’t really mean much what views get you, nothing.

So views don’t get you anything. ignore your airbnb views
And as a side note the views that Airbnb records if you look at the desktop version and the mobile version the views you’ll see are different. So I’m not even convinced of the views Airbnb shows you, which are few days lagged behind or that consisted.

So where is that disconnect coming from my views are dropping panic, but then going to look at the calendar often times and the calendar is healthy, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Sometimes in extreme cases the calendar is unhealthy in the fact that it’s way over occupied in the next ninety days the calendar is booked for sixty seventy of those days when these cases there just simply isn’t enough days to be viewed. This is why your views of dropped.

Or if you get one long, two, three weeks booking within the next month or two well your views are going to drop because most bookings are within the next thirty, forty, five days.

Now the disconnect has something to do with not recognizing that views no matter, because they’re not coming to me and saying my ranking has dropped which, by the way, your ranking differs for the different guests. So you don’t really know if your ranking has changed or not this is why I say forget ranking.

The hosts never come to me and say my conversion rate has dropped, that’s the most important. They never come and say my rate has dropped or my occupancy is dropped. It’s always my views have dropped.

What metrics matter?
So ignore your airbnb views, ignore ranking, ignore all that stuff, the only thing I want you to focus on once we clear all that’s about the occupancy. Conversion is an aspect of occupancy but occupancy is the only thing that you can concrete measure.

I don’t have a ton of confidence in the numbers reported by Airbnb when it comes to views and when it comes to that conversion rate what I’m one hundred percent confident about is my occupancy rate.

If I got twenty days in the next thirty books I know one hundred percent my occupancy rate it’s sixty seven percent and I’m happy with that.

ignore your airbnb views focus on occupancy if your occupancy drops well how do you fix that. This topic we could go on for a long time as this is Airbnb quick I’ll just scratched the surface, as you know this is what I do.

There are articles on my website, there’s other videos you can watch about how to optimize your photos, your title, your text, your settings, your calendar, your pricing all of the online aspect.

I have articles and information about, and all it’s free by the way, how to optimize your offline experience or you making continual progression as a host are you offering more value.

I have one Airbnb quick tip that goes into the mindset: do you have the proper mindset, entrepreneurial mindset? Are you happy today or are you thinking to the future about how you can be better? If you’re thinking about the future then these things don’t creep up on you.

And when I got these comments I was doing good and all of a sudden views stopped.

Well what have you done to improve almost every time a look at the listing and they’ll be numerous things that can change numerous things so have you looked at how to re optimize your listing there’s all these ways to increase your conversion rate which is hard to measure but that affects your occupancy rate which is very very easy to remember so now.

Again, just to reiterate because I get this so often and it’s a waste of energy of the host’s time and mine as well. Ignore the views what you want is your occupancy. What is your occupancy rate and if you’re not happy with it how can you increase and that is by optimizing your online and or your offline experience which you should be doing continuously.

And with that I hope I have been clear and share some lights on specifically why views do not matter and why occupancy and conversion rate do matter and think you can do in order to improve both of those metrics.

Please do me a favor and give me the thumbs up, hit me with some comments let me know what kind of subjects you will be covered in future topics. I have about six backlogged right now and then on I’m free to go if you submit a really good one on a bump it up to the first list do it next week.
Happy Hosting!

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