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Topics Covered in this Airbnb Quick Tip:

  • How the system works
  • How to write negative airbnb reviews
  • How to write positive airbnb reviews


A little fact that most people don’t know is that you actually have 48 hours to edit the review.

This week’s Airbnb quick tips about how to leave proper guest reviews or more generally proper Airbnb reviews.

What’s up Airbnb nation I’m Danny standing on the Selaron Steps here in Rio de Janeiro.

First we’ll review how the system works. Both the host and the guest get 14 days to leave a review.

If only one of them leaves a review that 14 days the review will be public. If both of them leave a review before the 14 days then they’ll be public as soon as the second person whether that be the guest or the hosts leave a review.

So for example guess leaves review on day 1, host leaves it on day 7. On day 7 both of them will be revealed.

A little fact that most people don’t know is that you actually have 48 hours to edit the review if the other part has yet left to review. So for example the host leaves review for the guest right upon check out, and says: “Hey they made the place really messy” well the host can actually edit the review of the guest hasn’t already left to review that rule only applies within 48 hours.

Now there’s a few general principles you keep mine when you write airbnb reviews:

  • Always be truthful and concise that’s true with anything you do on Airbnb.
  • Never solicit a review.


How to write negative airbnb reviews

Now we’ll first to cover negative reviews which seems to be the big issue on how lucky were touched me how to win the review the guest was kind of good also kind of bad.

Well the same rule applies, be concise and truthful but a lot of Host just can’t leave a negative worded review, especially if they met the guests. So in this case my recommendation is to write  short reviews. It serves the same purpose as a negative review.

If I’m looking at reviews and I see something like ‘good guest’, ‘checked out on time’ you know some like that without capitalization that’s the equivalent of a negative review.

If you want to avoid negative reviews and total that’ll put you to my blog post about How to vet guests based on their profile and messages before they even come to your place in the first place that’s the best way to avoid the situation.

Additionally SmartBnB a tool that I recommend and use all the time, they have a feature where you can click to leave a negative review for the guest just before the review period ended. So they let you leave automatic reviews which comes in handy for positive reviews which I’ll talk about next.

But if you get in a bad guess if you want to leave a negative review but you don’t want them to retaliate on you let’s say for example you told them you want to leave a review you can go on systems like SmartBnB and put a negative review and then click a button that says leave this at the last possible second. SmartBnB will publish that thirty seconds before the 14 day deadline.

I have a review template all posted the words and the description about how you can if your guests for a host how you can respond how you can leave a review you’re gonna want to put the stars first of all but the start is there any doesn’t show that in the review for some reason so you put the number of stars you say the number of days they stayed there and then you can put the pros for the cons or just simply notes.

How to write positive airbnb reviews
With positive reviews it’s a lot simpler.

The tip there is use these PMS property management software like SmartBnB they automatically publish positive reviews for you.

Airbnb has said leaving or not leaving a review it makes no difference to your rank however you can why not optimized to review just like you optimize everything else, so how do you optimize review?

What I do for mine is I put in the review I say: who the reservation was managed by managed by Belo: Airbnb property Management and give me a little bit of free promotion if you have branded house well you can add that into the review as well reservation managed by you know big mountain house topping out house or something like that that’s our branded house name.

One time many years ago I checked in a guest I was the property manager I checked in a guest and he was very rude verbally rude.

I was nice and I met all these demands as best I could I thought I was gonna get a positive review anyways he came to me and he says Hey can I check out late at the end and I said sure just as long as you leave a positive review and he said no problem I thought I was gonna get a positive for you anyways but I made I made this mistake.

Therefore thinking I could leave a negative review he would probably the positive you and I could I could get him so what happened was I live that negative review but that he called Airbnb and said Hey he solicited a positive review for me so every be removed both of our reviews for that case which was very upsetting because he was a nasty Airbnb guest.

On the other end of the situation when I was a host looking into a negative review guest found a cockroach and my place in New York I offered a refund they wanted a refund four times the amounts I said but they said in exchange you know they said actually will take this much higher refund amount in exchange for not leaving a negative review here and on other platforms.

So I called Airbnb and I said Hey there soliciting a refund for a review so because of that it worked in my favor I didn’t have to give a refund and I didn’t receive a negative review.

Okay that’s it for this week’s Airbnb quick Tip.

I hope you enjoyed it thanks for tuning in give me the thumbs up and make some recommendations in the comments for future videos or just recommend me to your Airbnb host friends I appreciate it.

This Airbnb quick tip has an accompanying blog post on my website and it’s probably a blog post it gets more views than my home page.

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