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Good morning Airbnb nation. This is Danny, the Airbnb Pro. Coming at you from Bangkok. This week’s Airbnb quick tip I will be showing you: How to fold bath towels.

Now, this will be the first live demonstration I’ve ever done but I was thinking about it and there are a lot of live demonstrations I could do which I will do over the coming months. For example, how to properly clean a toilet bowl. Yes. Or how to properly organize your plates and bowls and cups. Plus much other stuff we’ll get into that later. Let’s jump into today’s demonstration.

I have two towels here and we’ll see there’s a tag here and the tag here. This becomes important. So, what else becomes important is if there is stitching. For example here, you can see that this stitching is on this side. So when we fold it you’re gonna fold it with the stitching down. Details. 

So, start with the black towel. Stitching is on this inside area.I will first fold in thirds here. Making sure the tag is tucked in. Well, I don’t have to measure it exactly in thirds. See that first you can see this one here. It doesn’t come all the way to the edge. That’s fine, just an approximation. Don’t take ten minutes to do this for each child. If this first fold is a bit short, just make this next one a bit longer.

You also wanna lineup all of the edges. This edge here, this edge here, this edge here. More or less. Line them up. Doesn’t take that long.

Then you will fold in two thirds. There is the first to third and again the same rule applies. I think I did that too short so we’ll be back it up here. That is a properly folded towel. You can see the design here.

Now this host in my Airbnb does not provide hand or face towels. This is not a deal breaker. I don’t ask for anything for it. For women it might be different especially those who need them to wipe off their makeup. But, depending on your quality you do want hand and face towels.

I have a list that I am creating basically it’s done. And it is going to tell you as the host because I found through my five hundred nights on Airbnb. I’ve found that hosts just don’t know. They’re not sure they never stayed as a guest. When they’re in their home they just don’t they don’t even think about it.

So I’ve created a amenities checklist based on your listing quality. There’s really two qualities in my mind. There is standard and that’s right around the average price and below and then there’s luxury which is about twenty percent above average price.

There’s not really a budget. If you’re a true budget listing hostel something like that, folding your towels you’re cutting costs so you’re not folding your towels to… You’re not taking time to fold towels. 

In my mind, there’s a really standard and luxury amenities checklist that has been created that will be included with my new product which is coming out any day now if it hasn’t already come out by the time I released this video.

Okay let’s do another demonstration on how to fold bath towels. Now you’ll notice I pulled the little switcheroo. I first tried to fold this top one underneath but I noticed the bottom one was a bit thinner.

You see that the bottom line here is thinner. It doesn’t go to the the total edges so instead of trying to work with centimeters and inches here, I just flipping around. Hide that smaller thinner one underneath. Put this nicer one on top and it’s more of a perfect rectangle. And now you have two towels… I mean look at that.

This is for what guess doesn’t want to see this on the bed when they come in. None.

You put it like that. You can even put it like this to have the roughly edges on the other side. Not really super important.

 And there you go. How to properly fold bath towels.

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