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Useful resources to create your own Airbnb Listing Guidebook

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How to create and fill in your Airbnb listing guidebook


What’s up Airbnb nation? I’m Danny and I’m going to show you with this week’s Airbnb quick tip how to create your Airbnb listing guidebook.

When you’re signed in you’re gonna click on Listings. Scroll down to the bottom of the back end.

This is where you can edit your listing. It should look familiar to everyone. Scroll down all the way almost to the end it’ll say guide book and you click Edit to the right.

While that’s loading, go back and copy your address if you don’t know it off the top of your head and put it into Google. This listing is in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. So it’s gonna be very easy to create this airbnb listing guidebook. Everything’s gonna be very close but I’m gonna give you what exactly you should put in here.

Click create. If this looks different to some of you Airbnb did update this interface about maybe six months ago. First thing we’re gonna add is a place.

So what I do first of all if I’m in a big city like this where already restaurants and coffee places are popped up. I’m just gonna look around and see what Google tells me is good. So “The Still”. I’m gonna make sure that the reviews are decent, that the photos are decent. I will add that to the guidebook.

If it’s a generic name like this like “The Still” will just make sure that the street matches up okay so we got that correct.

Now Google tells me this is a bar. Airbnb telling me this is a food scene. So I’m just gonna make a quick judgment on my own here. This looks more like a restaurant than a bar. Kind of a restaurant with a bar. So I’m gonna go ahead and the reviews say great food. Some bad reviews but you gotta look at the overall. This shouldn’t take you too long. it’s honestly not a very used area of Airbnb for the guests to find this. They would have to actually scroll down past your calendar, past your reviews.

All the way to here and once the airbnb listing guidebook is created, there will be a “See guide book” here.
I’ll show you an example now. This is one of my listings. So you can see that once it’s created, this see guide book. So it’s not it’s kind of hidden. Not many used but it’s just another thing that if a guest were to find, it they would see that you’re taking advantage of all parts of Airbnb. It further separates you from your competition and probably most importantly, it’s telling Airbnb the algorithm, this host is taking this site seriously. They clicked on all the buttons, they’ve educated themselves. They’re trying to give the guests the best experience possible. So this is more important than it would signify based on the location on the Airbnb listing page.

Back to here. So we’ll click the food scene. Ideally what you want is Google used to have a little quick blurb right here. If you know your neighborhood you should, write something here.

Are they known for you know the sourdough bread bowls? Are they known for the Mai Tai’s? Whatever.

That’s that’s ideal. Again don’t take too much time to mount. The main thing is that you’re filling in and you know I just noticed there were all these slow reviews and this percentage of one-star reviews actually that’s too high. So I’m not gonna do that one. I’m gonna do this one instead. That’s a four point two that’s much better. This looks like a similar situation kind of a restaurant with a bar. It tells me its food scene as well. So we’ll do a food scene.

And then we’re gonna if there’s no quick blurb right here we will go and I’m using Safari browser by the way. So this one is the best in my opinion. Basically you’re saying breakfast and weekend brunch are the best times to go. BAM!

Photos are already pulled in a lot of this information has already been pulled in by Airbnb from Google. You can select what makes this place special. again if you actually know the place that’s much better because you can get a give and if you know your target market like let’s say you’re hosting families well that’s who you want then you can make a comment about families you know. They have high chairs or their children’s menu is great so something like that.

Alright and what we want to do is I want to do with two or three restaurants, two or three bars, one or two cafes, one or two nearby parks and one grocery store. So here’s that little blurb here so this is this kind of just describes what it is this makes it pretty obvious because Vietnamese is in the title but we just want to confirm the location. This should also be a food scene. Will copy the blurb, add it in and add to the guidebook. So now we have two restaurants.

Let’s find a bar here, a cafe. I usually try and avoid Starbucks. Anyone can find a Starbucks they’re gonna walk past Starbucks signs. This one looks more local. Fantastic reviews. Let’s add this in for our cafe.

And then if I scroll out once and I don’t see anything popping up I’m looking for a bar now. I’m just gonna search nearby. And click bars and pubs or type it in. I don’t want a bar and grill I want a straight bar or a pub. So this one looks good it’s open until 1:00 a.m. Though it has a picture of food on here.

This does look like more of a bar scene to me. Duke Street so is it on Duke streets no we got to make sure that was the wrong one same name wrong one. There we go, here it is now. it has a piece of food but again this is the main thing is you’re filling this out. Ideally if you want to spend some more time on it, it is really said and forget it. I’ll just put nightlife now this is more of like a nightclub lounge thing so that’s a it’s a little bit different.

You can assume some of your guests are probably coming for a little nightlife action. It’s in Alberta, that’s good. So now we have two food scenes. We have one coffee shop and we have two nightlife.

Let’s do the park. They don’t have to be famous parks. In fact they really shouldn’t be because you guest is gonna know the famous parks. Again I’ll emphasize the point because the experience your guest has in your city affects your review believe it or not.

So if you’re marketing the families this probably would be a good park for you to pick. This one looks pretty popular one olympic plaza. Now this has a million reviews 2500 so it’s a larger it’s a well-known park but I’m talking about like those really big parks that guests would probably know before they come here.

This one probably not and also there looks to be a lot of parts in here. So this works. I’m just replacing this one cuz it looks like there we go.

And the last thing is the grocery store. This is just gonna be one you don’t want to corner store you want an actual grocery store and you want a not as specialty when this one looks like some sort of an Asian grocery store. And you want one with a lot of reviews so here we go. oh that’s quite far that’s too far.

So let’s get out of here and let’s go back to where we were. There we go. This one is very suitable. and nearby you can even advertise that if you’re looking for long term guests that’s a half a block away that’s fantastic that’s very advertising.

Now with these other options here at a neighborhood. If you have a really well-known neighborhood in your area and you have a cool tip to add you can add that neighborhood here. Similar interface after you selected. The same with city advice if you have some really good city advice. How about some local applications that your guests can download.

In the US, we have we have well ubers worldwide but in the US We have a car sharing app called lyft. that’s preferred in many cities that it’s in.

So maybe recommend your guests. “hey here’s LYFT” You know if you want $10 for your free first ride use this code and guess who’s code that is that’s your code so you’re also getting free ten dollars for every guest that’s using your code.

you want to choose which listings it will be added to anyone within the city in this area will be suitable. this is just a one listing account so we’ll save and close and just to confirm we’re gonna go to the live listing and refresh and we should see that see guidebook on the bottom here. There it is “see a guidebook” and here’s what it looks like.

The only other destinations I would recommend adding is again if something is going to add to your guests experience this really neat museum nearby. I’m in Chiang Mai Thailand right now and just down my street there’s a neat insect museum. There’s no signs or anything I happen to find with my searches online but that would be something cool that you can tell your guests. And what makes it cool is that the guests probably wouldn’t find it on their own.

You don’t need to recommend the Smithsonian these huge museums the big parks the big sports stadiums they already know we’re there at.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s Airbnb quick tip on How to fill in your Airbnb Listing Guidebook

Please fill this out it takes only just a few minutes. And it increases your guest experience, increases your guests satisfaction which increases your reviews, your rank, your occupancy or nightly rate everything.

It’s all one big circle. This is just one small tiny piece but it’s representative of good hosts at bad hosts.

Happy hosting everybody!

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