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Topics Covered in this Airbnb Quick Tip:

  • What to highlight in the House rules section.
  • House rules examples that I use on listings.


What’s up Airbnb nation!

This is Danny the Airbnb pro. Speaking to you from my Airbnb in Metro Manila Philippines.

This week’s Airbnb Quick Tip is about your house rules section.

If you were to view your listing as Airbnb guest, this section it’s all the way at the bottom of your listing under policies.

Then you’ll see house rules then you have to click another link to see this the information under there it’s even below the map.

So if you’re in your manage listing sections it’s under the booking settings tab also under the some tab or the subsection called house rules.

There’s three ways that hosts fill this out:

  • One is they don’t fill it out.
  • Two is they fill that out with the most important rules that they have, which is the proper way to do it and.
  • Third is they fill out in more of a legalese type way with that huge long list of legal type wording.

Now before the guests actually click book and reserve, they have to say to Airbnb

“Hey I’ve read the house rules and I understand that”

And then they can click book.

Now overall you want to make the house rules easily digestible. Same with your whole listing and what that means is in clear English.

I understand that some people want to put the legalese type documents in there, because this is a binding agreement between you and your guests.

And that’s okay.

I have some friends lawyers who do this, and if you purchase one of my optimization reports all even give you a template.

If that’s what you choose however, even if you go that route, I still recommend you highlight the most important rules up at the top.

For example if you were in a building, and the guests should contact you and not building management for any issues,

that is probably something you want to highlight up at the very top, so the guest is reading it.

On of the listings that I managed in New York City, there is one plug in the house.

It’s very important to remain plugged in, especially during winter because of it’s not utility lines will freeze causing a huge issue.

This would be something that you would want to highlight all the way to the top of house rules whether or not you’re using that big legalese type text.

I’m gonna give you three examples that I use on listings,

they’re kind of generic if you’re generic listing you might want to consider adding.

You should have rules anyways, just to put a little bit of text everywhere.

Don’t repeat yourself, a lot of people have ‘no smoking’ they have a check in the no smoking or they already have no pets and they have no pets right now that’s a waste but we already know that.

So the ones that I put on is sometimes I’ll say:

“Hey if your local guest if you’re booking and you live in the city, reach out me before you book” The reason being is local guests have local friends and the risk of a party is higher.

Another one I’ll do is,

I’ll ask the guests to get travel insurance every now and then.

The guest we’ll ask me what this is? what travel insurance is? It protects the guests from delays or cancel flight, lost luggage, etc it’s kind of irrelevant to the Airbnb though still some to protect against that, but it’s helps you it’s just something good to have anyways if you’re if you’re a guest and helps you as the host mitigates cancellation risks.

And the last one is kind of a fun one it’s kind of like ‘the golden rule’ treat things how you want to be treated, treat the space how you treat your own space it’s just a kind of says you know if you open it you close it, if you turn it on, turn it off if, you take it out put it away, etcetera just some more fun way of saying you know treat the space with respect.

So I’ll post those three down below in the text.

And the last thing that you should be included in the airbnb house rules is, if you have some sort of a recording device noise, video, anything. NoiseAware is a is a good example NoiceAware records the decibel level of what’s inside the house and so you can predict whether you’re gonna get a noise complaint or not, they have some text. I’ll put that also in that bit below here in the in the text description. I also have the review of NoiseAware were up with that in the text description.

I wrote a blog post recently that’s titled Mastering your every be text that covers house rules everything related to text on Airbnb.

2019 I’m gonna pull a bunch more content videos, blog post.

I have the next three months lined up.

If you have ideas on what you want to know, this would be the time to tell me.

I’m actively pushing out a lot of content, it’s just because I have a lot to say, and I think it’s values to people.

Comment get touch of the somehow if you have some ideas now or in the future I’ll cover and I will let you know if I also think it’s a good idea to cover and when I might cover that.

If you like this video giving a thumbs up, share it with your friends maybe share on some communities Airbnb related communities you’re on. I am trying to get to one thousand subscribers I’m on at about four hundred and thirty now trying to do that by the end of March thirty first two thousand nineteen so help me do that.

And that’s your week’s Airbnb quick tip How to fill out your house rules section.
Happy hosting everyone see you next week.

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