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Topics Covered in this Airbnb Quick Tip:

How to optimize your airbnb photo caption with this tips:

  • Place the F.P.G in your space.
  • Give extra information when needed.
  • Highlight the not obvious things
  • Highlight your reviews
  • Label Spaces
  • Bonus Tips.


What’s up Airbnb nation I am Danny this Airbnb Quik Tip is about how to do your airbnb photo caption correctly.

Airbnb just introduced an update to the platform that essentially highlights the airbnb photo caption more, so it brings it more up and center in the image, when guest takes a look at your listing.

So how do we take advantage of this, Airbnb makes a change how do we take advantage of this.

By the way I have an article I wrote a couple weeks ago on my website so if you’re more of a visual learner take a look at the article on my blog.

  • Place the F.P.G in your space.

The first thing is you want to place the guest in the space you want to place the F. P. G. -Future Potential Guest- in your space and you want to do that because psychology says if you can do that you’re more likely to get a booking.

So in my article on my website I have exactly what I put the airbnb photo caption that I put. I use it sparingly. I use it for one photo per listing.

  • Give extra information when needed.

Number two is you want to explain non obvious features for example if you have heated floors you want to explain this because you can’t see the in a photo. Or if there’s a door in the back there’s a door go to a walking closet doesn’t go to a backyard deck overlooking the ocean, you want to briefly mention what the non obvious things are.

And if you do that then you don’t have to take three or four photos of different angles of the room and that’s my preference, you want to communicate as much information to the guest in as quickly as possible and that means one or two angles maximum of each room and then you can explain the parts that are not too obvious.

  • Highlight the not obvious things

Another thing you can highlight that’s not obvious is if you have Netflix you can say that big sixty seventy inch TV Netflix included. You want to sell! sell your space most of you need to do a better job of this.
I have a video called Getting in the right mindset, which kind of wraps up the mindset you need so that you don’t have to listen to these individual tips that I give. If you have the right mindset then you start to understand, you start to master all aspects because at all you just take this one mindset.

For example let’s say you’re in San Francisco, If you have a parking spot or if you have a backyard for example these things are very rare in a place like San Francisco so your F. P. G. doesn’t know that so you want to tell them that.

Hey this backyard this is rare, in San Francisco this is something rare. This parking space is rare. If you have a dryer, a lot of places have a washing machine but if you have a dryer this is rare. Let the FPG know that what they’re looking at is rare okay.

  • Highlight your reviews

Next thing you can do when write an airbnb photo caption is highlight your reviews in your photos there’s three ways you can do this:

#1 Simply cut and paste text into the photo.
#2 Take a screenshot of the stars if you have all six categories or five stars you can just take a screenshot of that and put in your photos.
#3 Is to screenshot an actual review and I have a video on how to do this and make it look a little bit proper.

  • Label Spaces

You want to label spaces so if you have a switch if you have two floors you want to label spaces: bathroom, second floor, first floor.

Avoid using generic words if you have a very simple space you don’t need to say it’s a living room is it clearly looks like a living room you know bathroom. If you have two or three bath and you could say bathroom number one, bathroom number two, second level, first level but you don’t need to identify super basic things.

This defocus the guess attention and that’s the last thing you want to do because they’re gonna start ignoring all the words that you have.

Bonus Tips.

  • Neighborhood photo

If you have a neighborhood photo which some listings can have some don’t need it but some do especially if you have a basic listing one bedroom you want to have a minimum ten twelve photos, you can add a neighborhood photo, but don’t add a neighborhood photo without explaining what it is.
It’s very likely that I’ll be optimizing a listing, click through and I’ll see like five, six, seven, eight neighborhood photos some of them are obvious but some of them are just like well what am I looking at? Under no instance if you have a neighborhood photo you need to have a caption.

On your other photos maybe fifty percent of the photos have captions they all don’t need captions but if you have a neighborhood photo one hundred percent of the time put a caption because a neighborhood photo shouldn’t be something super generic like a picture of a Starbucks or a cafe.
And I have an article written on this link it in the description

  • Floor Plan

The second bonus is a floor plan and this comes in handy for every listing literally every listing on all the listings that I manage I have them, I recommend everyone buys one because it sets expectations phenomenally well mismanaged expectations are the reason for negative reviews.

I manage one listing it’s very basic, very generic listing there’s not really much sellable, there’s not really any cover photo either.

So on this listing I actually use the floor plan which is hand drawn. It’s custom that colors match the interior. I use this as the cover photo.

If you want the floor plan, I sell this on my website.

Okay that’s it thanks for tuning in for this week’s Airbnb quick tip about how to optimize your airbnb photo caption.

Let me know in the comments what you thought let me know what you owe me to cover in the future thanks for tuning in see you next week.
Happy Hosting!

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