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Topics Covered in this Airbnb Quick Tip:

The Airbnb hosting strategy to market better instead of lowering price:

  1. Positive Long Reviews
  2. Messaging strategy
  3. Electronic guidebook
  4. The bare minimum amenities



Next topic is how to market smarter in times of tough competition rather than simply lowering your price.

What’s up Airbnb Nation this is Danny the Airbnb pro coming at you from Cali Colombia.

First and foremost thank you for the engagement last week, the views tripled it means a lot to me. Thank you for your engagement and remember drop your comments for future topics.

Next topic is how to market smarter in times of tough competition rather than simply lowering your price.

While on the surface that sounds like a simple straightforward question I can tell by how it was phrased that the host has some flaws in their hosting strategy which is part two of your overall Airbnb hosting strategy. There’s the online aspect which I’ll help you with directly and then your there’s your hosting style which is your messaging flow -we’ll get into this-, electronic guidebook different things like that.

Here’s how normally it goes: a host will start with Airbnb three, four or five, six months maybe even a year will go by and they’ll experience success, they’ll experience reservations…

…And then all of a sudden it’ll drop off and they’ll reach out to me and they’ll say:

“Hey Danny I’ve been hosting for five six seven eight months fine and then all of a sudden no reservations what’s up with that”

What’s up with that is that you have a flaw in your hosting strategy that eventually will catch up with you.

You see, during busy season everyone’s going to get reservations it’s no issue. During times of strict competition or low season (because competition doesn’t really change in the short term from one day to the next competition remains flat) let’s jump into it.

Number #1.

  • Are you sacrificing reviews for money?
  • Are you nickel and diming your guests?
  • Are you charging them to check in a bit early?
  • Are you charging them if they forget something at your house?
  • Are you charging them to ship it back to them (to your guests)?

Instead of charging for a late check-in or an early check-in or late check-out, give it to them for free. This way gives you a little cushion in case something during your reservation goes wrong. Or ship the item back to your guests for free in exchange they “Hey! leave me an extra long review, an extra long positive review”

It’s my opinion that Airbnb takes into consideration the length of the reviews. Not only that it’s positive or negative, the review length matters.

Number #2.

Your messaging strategy. First of all,

  • Do you have a messaging strategy?
  • Are your messages short and crisp?

If any of your messages are over 250 words you need to optimize your messaging flow.

Go to my website, I’ll post a link below.

I have messaging templates and flow strategy this is a template of 8 messages that you sent to your guests every guest gets the same messages because every reservation follows the same path.

For this video and for 10 days because this is so important, I’m going to give a 33% discount

Going along with your messaging strategy,

Number #3.

Is your electronic guidebook.

Are you using the Airbnb’s house manual and posting a bunch of text?

Or even worse

Are you sending the guests a huge message with a bunch of text with check out info, checking info, how to access your TV, etc, etc, etc?

Of the 400 nights I’ve stayed on Airbnb in over 25 countries I have never – not – once got an electronic guidebook.

Less than 1%, significantly less use this.

It creates a better experience for the guests and it saves you the host time from answering repetitive questions if you can direct the guests hey this is your guidebook this has all the answers

And lastly

Number #4.


  • Are you providing the bare minimum amenities?
  • Are you providing low quality amenities?

The listing that I’m now is missing wine glasses, this is a common amenity.

Are you providing any amenities above and beyond?

In my listings I provide something simple and cheap: A wireless Bluetooth stereo.
It went missing at one of my listings, about a year ago and the next two guests emailed me messaged me and said:

“Hey! Where is it? I knew advertised it in your listing, we were hoping to use this”.

That told me how important it was for these guests something so simple.

The overall theme of this video is you need to have a hosting strategy if you’re doing the bare minimums, if you don’t have an optimized messaging strategy, if you’re not create an electronic guidebook; you have some flaws in your Airbnb hosting strategy that need to be addressed.

This video again just scratches the surface. I’ll put some links to relevant articles, blog posts that I’ve already written in the text.

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