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Definitive Guide to Airbnb Plus

Airbnb Plus requirements

Topics Covered in this Airbnb Quick Tip:

Guide to Airbnb Plus

  1. What is Airbnb plus
  2. Requirements for Airbnb plus
  3. Arguments for Airbnb plus
  4. Reasons against Airbnb plus
  5. Final thoughts


This week’s Airbnb quick tip is a cumulative review of all the information I could find online about Airbnb plus at the end I’m gonna tell you whether or not you should do Airbnb plus.

What’s up Airbnb nation this is Danny the Airbnb pro speaking to you from the Old City in Manila Philippines.

Disclaimer: I personally am not an Airbnb plus host, however I’ve confirmed everything about this Guide to Airbnb Plus and on the blog which this is a summary of a blog post I just made a few weeks ago a few days ago, but community has confirmed that all this information is accurate.

Now first what is Airbnb plus. Airbnb plus is a quality control of Airbnb. It’s a more expensive price but you know what you’re getting. there’s only one way to get in touch with Airbnb plus that is through email address

Why did Airbnb create Airbnb plus?

In my opinion there’s two reasons:

the first one is fairly obvious. I just stated it’s quality control. This is a huge complaint for Airbnb guess, first time Airbnb guest. If a person Airbnb guest complains there’d likely not to come back to Airbnb not to refer Airbnb to future guests so it’s a quality control issue.

And in my opinion it creates a higher switching costs. the switching costs increase to Airbnb Plus hosts, the more hoops to jump through the less likely you’re going to go out and try the platforms especially if it’s performing as it should be.

Requirements Airbnb plus

  • Well first you have to be in the city that it’s active in
  • Have accepted ninety five percent of guests in the past year
  • You cannot have a single cancellation in the past year
  • Have either a full house or a private bedroom with a private bathroom
  • You have to have an average rating of four point eight stars or better over the past year and
  • Apply and pay one hundred fifty dollar application fee, which Airbnb actually doesn’t collect this for all the host this seems to be optional.
  • And lastly after you go through the application process Airbnb usually provides feedback and you have to complete this feedback satisfy their request the money out of your pocket,

However again Airbnb has been known even as recently as December 2018 I found Airbnb pays the host to get these things done.

Arguments for Airbnb Plus

It’s obvious an increase in occupancy or nightly rate this is why you would do Airbnb plus this is what Airbnb is promising you will get after being Airbnb plus host and I found a lot of reviews online that confirm this they apply for Airbnb plus they’re happy with the overall success of their listing, the success of the listing has increased since they became an Airbnb plus host.


Arguments against Airbnb plus

I found a few more of these online.

If you’re unhappy, you seem to be a little more vocal.

And I it’s obvious. You’re gonna be unhappy if you go through the application process, spend your time and money doing this; for the promise of getting more higher nightly rate or more occupancy, and you don’t.

Additionally there was a lot of complaints about limited control over your photos, of your text, over your title.

The other two complaints are the extremely slow application process. As soon as you’ve been accepted it speeds up but, I’ve heard that it takes months to go through the application process.

And there seems to be some silly recommendations, after an individual from Airbnb becomes out to look at your house.

Hundred point checklist, some of the feedback the hosts have reported have been silly.

For example one Airbnb plus host said that they told him to get rid of the fake flowers. He said this was kind of silly because, number one they weren’t fake flowers. Number two, the Airbnb wasn’t a garden themed Airbnb.

And my final thoughts on Airbnb plus, whether or not you should do it.

You should apply if you’re already close to being an Airbnb plus host.

I’ll put a link to the requirements in the description of this video

If you already close it makes sense to do, especially if you don’t have to pay the hundred fifty dollars.

You should not do it if you’re going to have to make a significant jump in your quality, to be an Airbnb plus host.

The reason why is because if your a mediocre listing who has qualified for Airbnb plus, but you’re competing in the big leagues.

Opposed to if you’re in the little league, you can be pretty good.

But if you bump up to the big leagues as a mediocre listing, you’re gonna fall in the rankings.

The thing that I’m curious about is: What the effect is on your slow season?

If you’re watching this and you are an Airbnb plus host, leave it in the comments.

During your slow season, have you experienced an increase in reservations or nightly rate?

That’s what I would be interested in, that’s what I think would really make Airbnb plus worth it.

I had a comment on my blog post, from a reader who said he wasn’t an Airbnb plus host, he was contemplating changing its title to something like:

“All of the amenities of an Airbnb plus listing at half the price”

If anyone out there if you try that let me know the feedback if you get a few more reviews.

Finally all of this kind of his for not because at this moment January 2019 Airbnb is not accepting any more applications so, so sad, so sorry but at this point Airbnb is not accepting applications.

I’m not sure why they’re probably over saturated but as soon as they open up a new markets they’ll for sure open up obviously the application process.

Thanks for watching this Guide to Airbnb Plus

If you have any topics for a future episode some of you email me or chat on the website drop it in the comments sections or keep sending a chat or an email.

Thanks for watching everyone see you next week

Happy hosting!

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