Airbnb Quick Tip: Friends and Family discount

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Topics Covered in this Airbnb Quick Tip:

Here is my writing:

One last message … I would like to extend a “friends + family” discount. If you or your friends and family return to [CITY], ask them to refer to your name and I will honor [YOUR DISCOUNT OFFER]


What’s up Airbnb nation this is Danny I’m speaking to you from the Dubai Marina right now.

This week’s Airbnb quick tip is going to be very quick.

It’s about how you can earn a bonus reservation or two every year and you do that via an automated message, that you’ll send to the guest upon checkout.

I sent out two days after the guest checkout, and always before you ask for a review request.

The message will read something like this:

“Hi guest thanks for being such a good guest in fact you were tremendous guest I want to extend to you a friends and family discount”

And then you add the discount whatever that may be:

  • Book three nights and get a fourth  night free.
  • Fifteen percent off between Sunday and Thursday
  • Or you can say something during your slow season between November and April receive no extra guest fee,

Whatever but add the discount.

All thrown in the description text I’ll put the exact words that I use.

And this message it’s part of the Airbnb message flowing strategy guide.

It’s eleven messages that I send automated to every guest.

By the way, this is an automated message.I use smart Airbnb to send this out to all my guests.

You can use whatever service you want. But it really has to be automated, because it’s only gonna give you one or two bookings a year and so does make sense to send this to every guest.

Just remember to turn it off if you have a bad guest which you really shouldn’t have many.

But just remember you want to turn off things like: review reminders and friends and family discount for those guests who you didn’t have a good experience with.

Just keep in mind that you’ll send this message out if you send a review reminder which I no longer recommend you want to send this message out before you send a review reminder with that go forth and have high occupancy calendars.


Happy hosting.

I'm Danny, the Airbnb expert

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