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What’s up Airbnb Nation!

This is Danny the Airbnb pro coming at you from Naked Island in the Philippines.

And today’s Airbnb quick tip is about the extra person fee.

So there’s a few approaches to this, but my recommended approach is the charge for Max occupancy.

Always charge by occupancy especially in the busy season.

Some people start charging early on that extra person fee.

But unless you actually incurr in extra charges then I’ll say don’t use that charge.

Charge for Max occupancy. Exepted during possibly Slow season, then you can get a little flexible with it.

For my units, I always charge for max occupancy. I never charged for an extra or additional fee.

However the quick tip is this, you still need to charge for persons in addition to your Max occupancy.

For example if you have a two bedroom house, four occupancy and you don’t charge an expert person fee you’re still going to want to charge.

What I do is a hundred dollars per guest after four.

So you can go into your settings simply going to the pricing area, select additional person fee, one hundred for every guest after four.

This gives you some leverage in case the guest actually brings more people than they need and you can tell the guests you have this fee as possible.

And you rarely ever gonna use this, don’t just charge an extra person fee just because it doesn’t make a lot of sense and you’re gonna get a bad review and you’d rather do that rather than an extra fifty Bucks or a hundred Bucks.

But I had to charge  twice in the five years.

Once I got the fee, the second time I did. It was with the first time I tried. Airbnb said max occupancy six and the guest brought more than twelve.

Airbnb said yes, we see your proof that there are more people.

But what do you want to charge if you don’t have an extra person fee?

So they told me you have to go to the guest and ask them.

Which obviously the guest said ‘no Thanks’ and I got a negative review. So avoid that in total.

The last tip I want to share with you all is about the extra person fee and I’ll give you an example:

Two bedroom house, Occupancy of four and then you start charging extra person fee after two so let’s say Fifty dollars per guest, one hundred per night, fifty dollars per guest you’re gonna charge on the third or more guest.

Now If you ought to do this, the extra person fee should be no more than fifty dollars the increment, the fee of each guest usually to be about half, so the third and fourth extra person fee should be twenty five each

And there is your Quick tip for this week, everyone if you have any recommendations comments like usual.

Happy hosting from the Naked beach, Philippines.

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