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If you know how to not only attract the right FPGs, but detract the ones who aren’t’ a good fit, the 5-star reviews just roll in.

There is a nuance as to whether or not you should mention a negative or con. Here’s how to decide:
1. Is it predictable and regular? Probably.
2. Is it unpredictable or irregular? Probably not.
3. What percentage of guests will leave a review due to this? If less than 5% (1 in 20) then leave it out.


What’s up Airbnb nation. I’m Danny standing in front of the Taipei gate here in Chiang Mai Thailand. This week’s Airbnb quick tip is a strategy on how you can attract the right FPGs and be detrack the wrong guest. If you do this the five star reviews just rolled in.

The name of the strategy is called “Three pros and two cons”. It is what it sounds like I’m gonna go over when you want to use it, why you want to use it, how you should use it and when you do not want to use it. So it’s all about sitting guest’s expectations. If you portray a five star listing, you deliver a four star experience you’re gonna get a three star review. We want to avoid that situation with this strategy.

Now the first and foremost is avoid flowery language. The only thing that flowery language does in your text is that defocuses the FPGs (Future potential guests) attention and they’ll miss these parts of your listings that are very important for them to know before they book to set their expectations.

Again I want to make this very clear. Why do we do this? We do this to detract the guests who aren’t a good fit. and attract the right FPGs

If we’re trying to get anyone a book our calendar that’s a short-term strategy, that’s going to result in some negative reviews. That’s going to result in negative revenue over the long term. If this is a long-term investment, this is a strategy we want to follow.

So quite simply. How do we use this strategy? We’re gonna think of three pros, three things that guests love about your space. This is usually easy for the host to do and then we’ll think about two things that guests don’t love about your space. We’re being honest.

This puts you in the guest’s frame of mind in trying to think about things that they might not like about your house. No house is perfect. Having negatives is not going to detract a guest against a hundred percent of the time.

Now a word of caution: Don’t use this if you don’t have to. Don’t fake it if you don’t have any negatives, that’s okay. If you’re just a standard run-of-the-mill house don’t try and think of negatives and add them in just because you’re watching this strategy right now. How do you decide if you add a negative in?

So it depends on how many guests it affects.If it’s predictable and regular then you’re gonna want to add it in. What is predictable and regular? That might be if your apartment is above a bar. That’s loud every Friday and Saturday night. This is going to affect the majority of guests. Or if your neighbor has a dog that barks all the time this is going to affect the majority of the guests.

You’re going to want to say. The other side if it’s irregular and it doesn’t happen with any frequency. Let’s say you have a neighbor who throws a party once every six months and it gets loud, you don’t want to list this in your space because that’s going to detract a lot of guests where it’s not going to affect the majority of guests if it just happens once every six months.

Now another scenario I hear quite often that’s kind of in the gray area is if you have children let’s say you’re hosting a downstairs unit and you’re upstairs you have children and they’re loud but not so often and they’re loud but not so often do you put it in there or not. So it depends. It depends and it matters how you word it too but this is what it depends on.

How many negative reviews are you gonna get by not putting it in. Let’s say 10% of guests are going to complain about noise in your house and let’s say of that 10% half of that or five percent of guests are going to leave a negative review because of the sound.

To be a super host you need to get 90% five-star reviews so you’re getting 5% negative reviews because of this situation. That’s not so much negative reviews. On the other hand let’s say 25% let’s say you have a dog that barks all the time. That’s a 25% of guests complain about this and 10% of those guests who are complaining leave negative reviews. That’s a high enough proportion where you want to add that into your Airbnb listing it’s going to negatively affect you because 10% negative reviews is a lot on Airbnb.

5% to be honest is even in the gray area. Anything less than 5% you’re gonna have to test this who knows what if those numbers are actually right but you’re gonna have to test this. You’ll figure this out pretty quick.

An example from my property management company I have a listing and in the shower it’s hard to get hot water it’s hard to get hot water it’s hard to work the shower. To be honest I’ve never actually been in this unit. I manage it completely remotely but about one every four guests mentions this negative. They say they can’t get hot water. How do you get hot water? The nozzle came completely off so that’s a high percentage of guests. 25% of guests complain about this. But of that 25% almost no one leaves a negative review so this is a negative but it’s not resulting in negative reviews I’ve decided to leave it out of the Airbnb listing.

That wraps up this week’s Airbnb quick tip on how attract the right FPGs

Thanks for tuning in. again I haven’t said this in a while but if you have suggestions throw in the comments for future Airbnb quick tips. Until next week. Happy hosting.

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