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This week’s Airbnb quick tip is on how many Airbnb Guidebook recommendations to provide.

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Now even though this video is titled specifically for the guidebook, it’s also going to be relevant to your text as well and I’ll touch on that at the end.

Also this will be more relevant to host greater than one year. I find these are the host that provide most recommendations, which is the issue.

Though if you’re a brand new or beginning host, this video will still be useful to you.

It’ll be good to know as you progress in the strategy what I use. What I should and should not add to my listing and my digital guidebook.

What’s up Airbnb nation I am Danny speaking to you from Tbilisi Georgia.

The trend I notice mostly with Airbnb Guidebook recommendations is either there’s none at all or there’s too many, there seems to be no happy medium.

And what inspired this video was that I checked in to my Airbnb into Tbilisi and the host provided recommendations which is pretty rare but she did so in a printed out sheet that was stable to the wall.

So what I did is I’m excited to go out and and visit the city. But then I had to spend an extra ten minutes looking at these reservations, going into my phone typing it, in saving its.

I just typed in the ones that I thought were the best, that I judged as the best. And this is the issue.

Your guest isn’t familiar with your destination, instead of providing the ten best providing the best: the best cafe, the best restaurant, the best Gym.

If you did a good job with that cafe, and guests start saying” hey that was such a good recommendation… can you give me another one?”

At that point then you can start adding one more recommendation. So now you have two coffee recommendations.

It’s just information overload the essential issue here.Information overload.

And you want at all times to respect your guests time. So if you’re sending these long messages; guest quickly realizes that you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re wasting their time.

They may not even be consciously aware of this but they just realized too much information they’re just going to filter out everything.

So this one concept Airbnb Guidebook recommendations applies to everything your messaging and your listing text.

One argument I get against this is about my town is known for restaurants, it’s a foodie town.

If that’s truly the case I would argue most of the time it’s not, but if that’s truly the case then you can provide a few more recommendations for that.

If your coffee town or food town or some specific type of activity then you can provide a couple of recommendations.

For example here the host did a good job with the recommendations. The ‘khinkali dish’ it’s their most famous dish. It’s like a doughy bread with cheese and a egg in the middle. So she recommended a good place to buy one of these khinkali dishes, so that’s fantastic.

Another thing is let’s say for example you recommend a grocery store. A plausible reason why recommending to grocery stores is if you’re recommending one like organic type grocery store and then one like big box for families so it depends on your market and spends on your target audience.

And regarding the digital guide books I of course recommend Hostfully I’ve been using them for over a year now maybe two.

The digital guidebooks are easy to do, you can do it yourself.

If you would like me to do it for you then I’ll post a link down below.

I’ll ask you some questions and I’ll build it out with my own text. Then I’ll let you know when to send it, etc, what to put, where.

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