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Airbnb quick Tip: Check-Out Messaging【 The 50% Rule】 

  • Text for check-up message sent to all guests 18-hours after check-in:

Good morning, guest_first_name,

I hope that you have settled in alright and that you are experiencing a 5-star stay 🙂 Please let me know if there is anything you need or if I can assist you in any way!

All the best and enjoy your stay!

  • Text for post-check-out message sent to all guests 4-hours after check-out:

Hi, guest_first_name!

Thanks for leaving the place in good shape! If you have anything to share about your stay, pros or cons, I’m very interested to hear as I like to improve the guest experience. I’ll be leaving you a 5-star review tomorrow when Airbnb allows 😀

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Topics Covered in this Airbnb Quick Tip:

5 tips to get 5 star Airbnb reviews:

1.  Set expectations

2.  The check in message

3.  Integrate your guest as quickly as possible

4. Addressed issues promptly and seriously

5.  Send a check out message


Negative reviews are earned from mismanaged expectations and issues not being solved promptly.

What’s up Airbnb nation that I’m Danny, standing in front of the window to the world here in Barranquilla, Colombia.

This week’s Airbnb quick tip is 5 tips to get 5 star reviews. Tips airbnb reviews

I’m gonna break it down in one, two, three, four, five and give you some details on this Tips airbnb reviews.

As always this Airbnb quick tip is going to be accompanied by a blog post on my website.

1. You must set expectations

I do this two times.

The first time is with the listing on describing the positives and the negatives the positives to attract and excite the right guest the negatives to detract the wrong guest.

And then the second time to set expectations is with a message, letting the guest know about 18 hours after check in so about 11 AM the next day all send a follow up message to all guests, it’s standard, it’s automated with SmartBnB it says something to the effect of:

“I hope you had a five star stays so far, if you have any questions reach out to me”

The exact messages there’s 9 of them. It’s for sale on my website, I will link to it below.

And actually copy and paste this specific message below for free, so you can use it.
it’s something I sent to every single guest to set expectations.

As it relates to this Tips airbnb reviews  on setting the guest expectations by mentioning the negatives of your house, I’ll give an example:

When I was in San Francisco, I lived in a top floor of a three level house. And I have 41 steps to get to the street to my house. Three different levels of steps and I didn’t say this at first. and this got me negative reviews.

So I started putting in there Hey there’s 41 steps to my place and that detracted folks who didn’t want stairs.

And someone who book the place before I said it had stairs, he was physically handicapped so for him it was extremely difficult to get up and down every time. That’s a bad situation for both of us it’s not a good fit. I want to make sure that they know that before they book

2.  The check in message. This is something I send 4 days before check in.

I sent it 4 days because I notice that around 3 days I start getting messages from worried guests saying: “I don’t have any info, how do I get this, how we do this…”

Even though it’s already in the listings they receive an extra message a few days before check in. this calms their nerves and show them you know what you’re doing

Here’s a quick tip for any message you sent your guest.

Message should be more than 200 words that’s a pretty short message and it should be don’t send those big long checking messages that have check out information house rules all everything and just hard to find information.

Create guide book instead.


3.  Integrate your guest as quickly as possible. It depends what type of guest you have do you have a business travel for three days do you have a leisure travel for a month do you have a family depending on these the answer will change but let’s assume you have someone saying for a month.

How do you integrate them to your house and to the community quick if you don’t have a washer and dryer one thing you should tell the guest about in your recommendations in the digital guidebook is here is the closest and or the best laundromat for all the guests you should give them recommendations on restaurants to go to cafes nearby parks grocery stores any any unique things that will increase the guest experience and you bet the guest experience in your city will affect their review.

So why don’t you give them the best experience if at all possible while they’re in your city
additionally you want to integrate them in your house more.

If you have that washer dryer in your house well how do they use it especially in a different language. How to use the detergent, the softener.

If you have wifi and it goes out well if they were at their own health they know exactly how to fix the wife if it goes out tell them how to fix it or tell them to call you if you have a TV in your three remotes explain how to use the remote even if you think it’s easy it’s not.

If you have heated floors in your house about heated floors well you need to provide directions on how to use those heated floors you have a a coffee maker that’s how we get anything integrate them so they don’t have to ask you the host anything that’s the ideal situation.

A really common thing that all guests tend to do and almost no hosts tell the guest is how to empty the trash simply not how to empty the trash and is the water drinkable from the faucet.

If it’s not provide the guest of water, a checked water because if they traveled for one hour or even up to a day they’re gonna want to water when they get in your house.

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4. Addressed issues promptly and seriously. Any issue is a serious thing.

The difference between Airbnb and a business they’re both businesses but if a customer walks in to a cafe and has a bad experience they’re probably gonna walk out and never come back again they may even come back but most of the guests who have experiences that physical stores they don’t leave reviews.
If a guest has a bad experience there 70% likely get a lever of you that’s the average.

If they have a negative experience I’d bet that that average boost up to 99% percent leaving a negative review with the nagative experience you want to avoid this at all costs and a common way that negative reviews of earned from mismanaged expectations and issues not being solved promptly so no matter what the issue is.

An extreme example is there’s a hair on the toilet seats some guests in fact take this as the whole house is unclean you have to be sincere but you have to treat that problem like it’s you have to take it more seriously than the guest is taking it and in reality there should be a hair on the toilet seat because what you want to do is you want to let the guests know quite simply you’re taking their complaints seriously

Think about for the guest perspective and you say your standard of cleanliness is sky high and there’s a hair on the toilet seat and you bring it up to the the to the host and host just simply wipe it off.

No no what you should say is you should apologize that was that was an oversight on your cleaning team you’re going to review the procedures and and you’re gonna bring this up with the with the cleaner was assigned your house with enough to get.

Make it seem like it’s a big issue and you’re going to take so you’re going to solve it and take action against it.

I’m managing a house in San Francisco right now and they have a crappy shower to to there’s no better way to put it almost every guest complaints I can’t figure out how to get the hot water there’s mold down here I can’t the water pressure is low on the hot water is like scalding hot and cold and it’s been happening for months and the hosts haven’t fixed it yet.

So each time the guest says this I have two annoyingly take it seriously tell them I’m going to fix you know the situation we’re going to get it looked at and replaced if necessary I’ve been having to do this every time.
But it’s necessary because the guests feeling okay this issue is going to get results.

5.  Send a check out message. This one is so important.

I created a separate Airbnb Quick Tip about it.

So picture this the guest yeah and by the way this one I attribute to my high percentage of reviews the average get the average of nearly 70%.

Mine is 90% plus, because I sent the check out message.

Imagine your guests and you’re in the house and you stay for a week and some things go wrong you extension messages as is normal something’s gone wrong with the wife I goes out the hot water doesn’t work one day to stop whatever something small.

And then you check out and the host doesn’t say anything to you this is from personal experience as a guest I don’t know if the host is unhappy with me so should I not review should I give a five star review should I give a negative review.

On the other hand what I do and it’s part of the nine series message flow template that I sell on the website is a send another message to every guest upon check out all actually pasted for free down below it’s sent to every guest no matter how clean or dirty that the house.

I say four hours after check and I say Hey yes name thanks for leaving the place in good shape again no matter what condition they left it in my priority is to review five star review thanks for leaving the place in great shape tomorrow I will give you a five star review Airbnb allows.

I’m not losing a five star review but I’m letting the guests know they can expect a five star review from me

Now this does two things it makes us feel bad they’re really before star review if it wasn’t really legitimately earn four star review and two it makes them feel compelled to leave a review of my story that they otherwise what all linked to that Airbnb quick dip below.

Thanks for tuning in again I’m standing in front of the window to the world in Barranquilla, Colombia home to the second largest carnival in the world of course after Rio de Janeiro.

With that wraps up for this week’s airbnb quick tip Tips airbnb reviews.

Happy hosting! See you next time

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