Airbnb Open 2019 – Hopeful, But Unlikely1 min read

Airbnb Open 2019

A google search of “Airbnb Open 2019” turns up absolutely nothing. In fact, it turns up so little that the website for Airbnb Open 2016 shows up as the fifth search result. Here is my attempt after a bit of digging to explain the situation. Don’t get your hopes up. Please, read on.


Here is a link to my post on the Airbnb Community Center forums from July 2018.


The last Airbnb Open was held in Los Angeles in 2016. It was glorious and I had huge expectations for future years. Well, three years go by and no Airbnb Open. Well, I suppose I am hopeful for an Airbnb Open 2019 announcement, but it’s unlikely.


I do believe Airbnb will bring this phenomenal event back, eventually. When? It’s anyone’s guess as they have communicated nothing to the community. Well, besides this:


airbnb open


Here is the latest communication from an Airbnb representative a full year after the above “update”:

airbnb open 2019

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