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Airbnb olympic Partnership: The Olympic Games 2020 and Beyond

The Airbnb Olympic Partnership

Airbnb recently created a breakthrough as it announced a partnership with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for mutual support for the Olympic games well through 2028. Both parties in the agreement win which will include the host cities, spectators, fans, athletes, and of course, Airbnb hosts as well.

The Airbnb partnership with IOC is in line with the UN Sustainable Goals for affordable travel and lodging, socially inclusive, and environmentally sustainable Olympic Games. The plan also calls for accommodations that are cost-efficient and at the same time, that will reduce the need for building more lodging accommodations during the nine years of the partnership. The intended agreement likewise would generate revenue for local hosts and communities. The Airbnb Olympic partnership plan also calls for the availability of accommodations that supports people with disabilities and to work with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).


How This Impacts Athletes and Hosts

Heads for both organizations believed this partnership ushers a new era on inclusivity, sustainability, and accessibility for all stakeholders such as athletes and host communities. Joe Gebbia, the Airbnb co-founder, has said that Airbnb and the IOC have a long history of organizing and providing accommodations for the world’s greatest events”.

IOC President Thomas Bach, for his part, expresses confidence that the Airbnb partnership in the Olympic Games will open new avenues for income opportunities. These will be through the promotion of physical activity and the Olympic values. Aside from the athletes, organizing committees and sports organizations around the world will also benefit from the partnership.


What’s In It for Airbnb

Airbnb Olympic Partnership With IOC

The Airbnb partnership will also generate thousands of new hosts in a span of nine years. As a result, local community residents will have the opportunity to earn extra income by providing accommodations and local experiences to fans, athletes, visitors, and other participants and organizers of the Olympic Games.


By local experience, we mean visitors can fully experience for themselves genuine local community experience offered by the Airbnb communities in the Olympic host cities. The host cities will also find this setup with the Airbnb community to be more environmentally sustainable as well in accommodating large numbers of visitors.


Airbnb Olympian Experience

The concept is unique and a classic signature of Airbnb. While Airbnb already has the Airbnb Experience before, the new idea is the Airbnb Olympian Experience after Airbnb and IOC announced their partnership. To be launched in early 2020, the program will provide direct earning opportunities for athletes putting them at the center of the Olympic Movement in line with IOC’s goals of supporting athletes.


The Airbnb Olympian Experience will also bring Airbnb’s goal of economic empowerment to athletes across the globe by promoting sport and physical activity and will include the opportunity to practice and be with an elite Olympian while exploring a city. Soon, Airbnb and the IOC, through the Athlete 365 platform, will provide support and training to athletes interested in joining the program as a host.


Airbnb Support of the Olympics

During the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, wherein Airbnb was a domestic sponsor, Airbnb’s platform provided an estimated USD 30 million in direct revenue for hosts and also generated approximately USD 100 million in three weeks. During the same Olympic Games Rio 2016, Airbnb provided the equivalent of 257 hotels for guests saving the city in terms of materials used and carbon emissions.


The Paralympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 also saw hosts earning around USD 2.3 million income, providing accommodations to 15,000 guests. Just recently, in Japan, Airbnb hosts accommodated more than 650,000 travelers during the Rugby World Cup and earning more than USD 70 million in revenue.


Providing Unique Accommodations

By becoming a Worldwide Olympic Partner, Airbnb is the exclusive provider in the Unique Accommodation Products and Unique Experiences category. Worldwide Olympic Partners generally support every National Olympic Committee and its teams, including Olympic organizers. Partners also support athletes and the development of sports at all levels around the world.


In the future, Airbnb, as a partner, will support the Olympic Games such as the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, the 2022 Olympic Winter Games in Beijing, the 2024 Paris Olympic Games in the years ahead.

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