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Want Airbnb news? Look no further. I’ve done the legwork of reading countless headlines and articles to bring you the most relevant and interesting. I unabashedly ignore news related to temporary annoyances like overly restrictive city regulations, supposed housing crises, and topics-of-the-day like hidden cameras. This post covers fun, interesting, and unique news from September 2019.


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This Breaking Bad-Themed Airbnb Actually Appeared on the Show (and Comes with Hazmat Suits!)

breaking bad airbnb listing


The ideal place to go on a trip with your friends who love the Braking Bad series! This property located in Albuquerque New Mexico was occupied as a set for season five, episode three ‘Hazard Pay’, one of the most epic episodes of the cult series.


Renting this property becomes an experience because in addition to the plenty of framed posters and stills from the show and the themed decor you can have a lot of fun taking photos with the Hazmat suits.


And if that were not enough, near the accommodation there are other film sets that you can visit during your stay.


Get-started guide: Opening a property for Airbnb

Opening a property on Airbnb can be a radical change for your lifestyle. Surely if you have seriously thought about putting a room or property for rent on Airbnb, you already know about Airbnb’s policies to become a host.


However, it is not only about sharing a space in your home, taking a few photos and publishing them, there are a number of details that you should keep in mind to ensure success.


From decoration to key tips to make the user experience more comfortable, is what you’ll find in this guide to start a property for Airbnb. 


Airbnb’s long-awaited move announced: Home-sharing company will go public in 2020

The San Francisco company is the largest rental platform for private individuals, with more than 7 million listings in 100,000 cities worldwide.


After more than a decade of operation, Airbnb announced its intention to go public in 2020. A long-awaited move by the market.


Airbnb searching for volunteers to travel to Antarctica

Airbnb and the Ocean Conservacy organization teamed up to launch Antarctic Sabbatical. The expedition is scheduled for December and will be an opportunity for 5 volunteers to travel to the most remote point of the planet and at the same time collaborate with the protection of the environment.


The goal of the Antarctic Sabbatical is to bring greater awareness to humans’ impact on the climate in one of the world’s least understood and most isolated ecosystems.


The Sabbatical Program offers revealing opportunities for people from all over the world to travel on purpose and do good. Stay tuned for the next Sabbaths.


Airbnb’s market share is growing

With more guest arrivals this summer than ever before hosts and small businesses have been able to enjoy the opportunities created by an expanding tourism economy, while the state of Vermont has benefited from additional tax revenue as a result of this growth said Josh Meltzer Public Policy at Airbnb


I would love to read your comments about this news or new stuff not covered! This was Airbnb news September 2019.

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