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airbnb news september 2017

In this monthly piece, I’m going to focus on the fun and interesting news coming out about Airbnb. I’ll mostly be ignoring news from governments and special-interest groups about regulation, litigation, taxes, housing crisis, etc. This post is Airbnb news September 2017.


A Down Payment With a Catch: You Must Be an Airbnb Host

I love it! No surprise here!

“It’s for the people who don’t have the parents to help, or the high income to save while paying rent,” said Ms. Zhang, who founded Loftium with Adam Stelle, another entrepreneur, and who has already had about 200 Airbnb guests in her townhouse. “They are just stuck trying to save for a decade or more before they give up.”


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Airbnb wants to help you book a restaurant reservation, too

In the future, you’ll be able to book an dedicated Airbnb table at a restaurant to meet other travelers.

For now, you can book a table in 16 cities in the US and pay extra if they’re fully booked.


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Airbnb co-founder opens up his own home

This is a really well done article on Joe Gebbia, CPO. It’s a bit long, but it’s a unique piece and I learned some new things from it.


I would love to read your comments about this news or new stuff not covered! This was Airbnb news September 2017.

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