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Want Airbnb news? Look no further. I’ve done the legwork of reading countless headlines and articles to bring you the most relevant and exciting. I unabashedly ignore news related to temporary annoyances like overly restrictive city regulations, supposed housing crises, and topics-of-the-day like hidden cameras. This post covers fun, interesting, and unique Airbnb news from May 2020.

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How Short-Term Rental Hosts Can Get Back On Their Feet In 2020 And Beyond

Forbes published their forecast and a list of tips for hosts depending on their type of rental. Now, I am not sure I fully embrace their classification or ideas, but at least they make sense on a superficial level. 

The list begins with summer seasonal rentals, and whilst the lockdown has been lifted in most places around the world, that doesn’t give us a clear statistic on the number of guests ready and eager to travel. The advice for these rentals is to promote them as “perfect for a last-minute getaway”, which makes sense since no one has had months to plan their vacations ahead of time. On the other hand, they also advise the to “find longer-term guests”, which can be a good solution if you are dealing with debt and financial uncertainty, just make sure you prepare and inform yourself on what that entails. 

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Then, we move on to year-round rentals -I must clarify this only includes non-primary residence rentals- the prediction for this section is not as bright, we all expect a surge during the summer, but then quieter months for the rest of the year (with the exception of any holiday in between), Forbes’ advice? Go long term. My advice? Stay on top of things, look into pricing tools (I have several blogs and videos on the topic), and take the bull by the horns. NOTE: as long as doing so doesn’t mean being financially irresponsible. 

Now, primary residence rentals are a whole other story, while they might not have to deal with the same financial burden, the concern here will be how well sanitized are the rooms and shared areas. One of the things we know travelers will have in mind when booking their upcoming stay is how clean it is. If you travel a lot and rent your house while out of town, you must ensure your guests your cleaners are diligent with their cleaning duties. 

If on the other hand, you are renting a spare bedroom in your home, Forbes doesn’t think you’ll “be able to host guests for the foreseeable future”, but I differ. There are guests looking to travel within a budget (assuming your bedroom is cheaper than a whole house) and meet new people. Forbes’ advice here is to add a separate/private entrance for your spare bedroom, but not everyone will have the option or means of doing so. That is why I recommend studying your guest’s demographic: who is your regular guest? Will they continue to travel? Are they usually high-maintenance or are they relaxed and easy-going? Update your listing to cater to this group, also, scan the market regularly to update your rates accordingly (or simply get a pricing tool). 


Airbnb CEO: Travel is going to be ‘more intimate, more local’

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Not much to say here, it had been predicted, long-distance travel won’t be coming back as fast. This is particularly bad news for places like Hawaii, where guests need to spend longer hours on a plane to get there.

So, think local, at least for the first few months, are there any organizations in your area you can offer your space to?


A Florida baseball team listed its stadium on AirBnB — and now it’s booked through July

This is what I call thinking outside of the box! Or is it the cage?
In an attempt to raise more funds, the Pensacola Blue Wahoos are renting their home for the mindblowing amount of $1,500.00, not bad at all! 

“Guests are welcome to hit from home plate, play catch in the outfield, run the bases, enjoy a picnic in the outfield, or find other creative uses for the field.”

I think that would be a terrific place to hold a birthday party and sleepover!! No matter your age!

Airbnb matches with Bumble on virtual date experiences

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In news that seems taken out of a Black Mirror episode, and I mean it in the best of ways, Bumble and Airbnb teamed up to offer its users shared virtual experiences. You can decide whether you want a private experience for you and your date or something more casual where you share the experience with a group.



I still don’t know how I feel about it since I am more into going to the places to have a real-life experience, but it can definitely be a great option for us nomads or couples in different locations. Have you been on a virtual date on Airbnb experiences? 

Let me know! I have many questions.

Airbnb launches talent directory to help laid-off staff find jobs

you want your boss to help you find a new job if he sees himself forced to let you go? I think that is an incredible LOR for anyone. In this case, Airbnb is doing what no company (especially one trying to go public) wants to do: admit it had to lay employees off because it is not doing good. Yes, it is great PR, but see beyond that, they are creating even stronger bonds with their staff, even when they don’t longer work there. 

Some of the actions taken by Airbnb are: creating the talent directory and a placement team, as well as gifting them their Apple laptops to ensure they have tools to work with.

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During his announcement Chesky said:
“Even in the worst of circumstances, I’ve seen the very best of us. The world needs human connection now more than ever, and I know that Airbnb will rise to the occasion. I believe this because I believe in you.”

I was fired from Airbnb years ago, and I still think it is a great company that cares for its employees. Think long term: seed kindness and you’ll reap loyalty.

Airbnb appoints Bunch as global head of operations

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Airbnb announced this month they have recruited Tara Bunch, as global head of operations she will be in charge of overseeing Airbnb’s customer care, trust and safety, and payments teams, and will report directly to Chesky. She is moving in from Apple, where she spent 8 years as vice-president of Apple Care.

I see her arrival to the Airbnb family as a good sign of Airbnb’s moving towards consolidating their



This was Airbnb news in May!

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