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airbnb news december 2019

Want Airbnb news? Look no further. I’ve done the legwork of reading countless headlines and articles to bring you the most relevant and interesting. I unabashedly ignore news related to temporary annoyances like overly restrictive city regulations, supposed housing crises, and topics-of-the-day like hidden cameras. This post covers fun, interesting, and unique news from December 2019.


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Why 2020 Will be the “Year of Airbnb”

The year is 2020. Airbnb has just announced a global partnership with the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The travel, real estate, and tech industry are meshing nicely. Home-sharing hosts are business professionals with unlimited resources to scale and drive profitability. You can book high-tea with sheep in the countryside from your phone.


Advancements in data are making it so that regulators can now monitor how alternative accommodations are impacting our economy. This industry has become so mainstream that reality TV shows like CNBC’S Cash Pad or Netflix’s Stay Here exist to allure audiences with the process of creating your own picturesque listing. And, Airbnb’s CEO Brian Chesky has pinky promised to verify the accuracy of his seven million listings. It’s all happening now.


“The year the world experienced a fundamental shift in the way we live and travel.” The Year of Airbnb.


6 Tips for listing your home on Airbnb for the Holiday Season

airbnb news december 2019

Airbnb launches ‘Good Guest Guide’ for festive season travelers

Airbnb just launched a “Good Guest Guide” with safety tips specifically for Western Cape hosts to provide their guests. The guide is supported in partnership with Wesgro and Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID). 


Honest and informative communication between guests and hosts is always the way to go. Not only do South African industry reps want to ensure safety for their guests, but they also want to ensure that tourism respectfully benefits the region. 


” Tipping: We tend to tip generously! Tipping in restaurants (at least 10%) is highly recommended;


Saving water: We sometimes experience water scarcity in South Africa, so we all save water;


Preventing waste: Please help us preserve this great destination for all; don’t leave litter anywhere apart from in the bin at home;


Protecting the wildlife: We have some of the most diverse and beautiful wildlife in the world, but it can also be fragile! Please look out for official signs and don’t feed or touch the animals; “


Home Improvement Tips For A Profitable Rental Space

 Add some value to your space so that the FPG (future potential guest) desires to stay with you and isn’t booking because nothing else is available. Don’t be the last choice. Here are three quick tips that will add some value to your STR (short term rental).


  1. Get the legalities in order.  For example, basements turned private guest suites must meet specific codes. Check for those. And, Be sure to look at your insurance coverage. In many cases, additional vacation rental insurance is a requirement for covering damages made by the guests.
  2. Be thorough about identifying all areas needing maintenance. Check the roof, service the A/C system, run your fireplace, clear the drains in your sinks and bathtubs, replace old light bulbs with energy-efficient lighting. Youtube has a quick video for every home improvement. If you don’t have time to DIY, then be sure to make a fix-it list for a trustworthy handyman. You don’t want a guest finding these issues before you do. Even a noisy refrigerator affects the overall experience of the guest.
  3. The decor should be fresh & thoughtful. Interior design trends change every 5-10 years. Be sure that the ambiance in your space feels up to date. And, guests appreciate decorative choices that serve a purpose. Indoor plants filter the air; local artwork brings in the neighborhood vibe, unique coffee table books with your interests look stylish stacked on a clean surface. 


Sure. Airbnb is not for everyone. But, if you’re open to the idea, getting started isn’t very complicated. “With just a few considerations and improvements, you could be making thousands in extra spending cash per year.”


Lodgify Becomes Number One Vacation Rental Website Partner

With Lodgify, hosts can quickly build their very own branded website to attract FPG (future potential guests) to their listings. The vacation rental software operator allows property managers to receive bookings, and payments thus saving money on commissions.


A website on Lodgify can easily be up and running within hours because it requires no coding experience to set-up. Their channel manager lets you sync your calendar amongst multiple home-sharing platforms. And, Lodigfy boasts API integration with the two most prominent players in the industry, Airbnb & Home Away. 


I would say that most hosts don’t need a separate booking website. This option is better suited for the property operator that has a collection of listings. Maintaining a personal site like this does require time, even with the built-in automation features. If you do decide to go this route, I highly-recommend writing original blog posts to help drive traffic to your domain.


While you were still using Airbnb to spend a weekend in a stranger’s home, the company was quietly expanding into boutique hotels and entire Airbnb-branded buildings.

Airbnb is making the moves to become a one-stop-shop for all of your travel dreams. The home-sharing platform is stretching beyond private homes and into branded towers.


The young developments are known as hybrid hotel residencies and are now popping up in Miami, Orlando, Austin, and Nashville. They are the very first Airbnb-branded luxury condos explicitly created for individuals to purchase as short-term rental properties. Hotel rooms will also take up space in these buildings with availability for booking on the home-sharing platform. 


When you search listings on Airbnb you now have the option to select: Hotel Room along with Shared Room, Private Room, Entire Place.


Back in April 2019, Airbnb proudly announced a pricey acquisition of Hotel Tonight. “We want Airbnb to be the place where travelers plan all of their trips, whether they are booking one year or one day in advance,” said Greg Greeley.


And to cover all bases, Airbnb led funding for, a boutique hospitality brand that designs “live like the local hipster” Creative Suites. Pulling various alternative hotel accommodations into the brand’s offerings is a wise strategy for a healthy year ahead. With over 6 million listings in over 190 countries, I can say with confidence that they are all over the map. 


I would love to read your comments about this news or new stuff not covered! This was Airbnb news Decmeber 2019.

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