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airbnb news august 2018

In this monthly piece, I’m going to focus on the fun and interesting news coming out about Airbnb. I’ll mostly be ignoring news from governments and special-interest groups about regulation, litigation, taxes, housing crisis, etc. This post is Airbnb news August 2018.


Happy 10th bday Airbnb; Netflix's 'Stay Here' series; Airbnb for pools; China Night At fail; Google AdWords Click To Tweet


Vacation Rental Series “Stay Here” Now Streaming on Netflix

Stay Here Netflix Airbnb

Fun fact: Around June 2017, I was interviewed to be the host alongside Genevieve Gorder! Obviously, I did not get it, but I still hope it turns out well as it’ll bring a lot of positive attention to the short-term rental industry.


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Rent a Private Pool For the Day With This ‘Airbnb For Pools’


I hope this gets some listings in Colombia by September 19th for my birthday!


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RedAwning Deal With Google Gives Vacation Rental Managers Tools for Paid Search


Here is the best sentence from the article: If you use Google AdWords, you should target, “long-tail search terms, such as “three bed two bath Lake Tahoe with air hockey table.” While such specific searches aren’t frequent, they are cheaper to bid on. Plus, the online shoppers searching on those specific terms are more likely to be ready to book.”


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Airbnb to open a room on top of the Great Wall of China




Airbnb cancels Great Wall sleepover competition


And, here is the update directly from Airbnb.



14 Tips for Prepping for Houseguests from 5-Star Airbnb Hosts


This will only be a good read for beginner hosts or those hosts who are receving negative reiews. However, there are two items I would like to call out:

  1. Gym passes. This will only be used by 5% of guests is my guess, but to those 5% of guests, it will be highly relevant. Go to a nearby, local gym to workout a deal.
  2. Workout a deal with a few local (local is important) restaurants and/or café’s for your guests.


Airbnb for Work touts its business cred with nearly 700K companies onboard


Fun fact: Back in 2013, I tried to join this department in Airbnb. In the end, I was not successful at convincing business development that an accountant would be great at sales. However, I knew it would’ve been successful and the bookings have tripled both in 2016 and 2017.


If you are not already business-travel ready, get on it!



Is Owning an Airbnb a Smart Investment?


Short answer: it depends. It’s a huge decision and you should be using the available information and data to make the best decision.


Take a look at my AirDNA review which provides data relevant to this decision.


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Airbnb and Niido to Open as Many as 14 Home-Sharing Apartment Complexes by 2020


If you thoughtthe competition was tough now, you better start investing in yourself and your Airbnb  to be the best! I have a product coming out in October that addressed how you can beat out your competition with your hosting abilities including guest experience. Basically, everything except your online listing which I currently optimize.



Airbnb guests accuse it of deleting negative reviews and boosting bad hosts


Although this has never happened to me, at least not that I know of, this is EXTREMELY frustrating and dishonest. Airbnb needs to encourage negative reviews as they glean more info that positive reviews and better match the guest to the proper listing.


Airbnb Celebrates 10 Years with Touching Community Stories


August 2008, happy 10th birthday Airbnb!


I would love to read your comments about this news or new stuff not covered! This was Airbnb news August 2018.

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