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Want Airbnb news? Look no further. I’ve done the legwork of reading countless headlines and articles to bring you the most relevant and interesting. I unabashedly ignore news related to temporary annoyances like overly restrictive city regulations, supposed housing crises, and topics-of-the-day like hidden cameras. This post covers fun, interesting, and unique news between January and May 2019.


May 2019

You’ve seen the Big Idaho Potato. Now, spend the night inside Idaho’s newest Airbnb rental


Weirdest Airbnb ever? Check out the Big Idaho Potato Airbnb listing.


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WeWork partners with RXR to open at Rockefeller Center


Airbnb is getting into real estate. The company will lease 10 floors and create apartment-style hotels.


Niido is another similar project where tenants are allowed to rent out their home for up to 6-months per year in the building.


Or this Airbnb Tower in Austin.



April 2019

Airbnb Says Its Tours and Activities Gamble Is Winning


I’m not so sure. Currently, I’m not a believer in Airbnb Experiences. I’ve taken about a half dozen of them from Airbnb’s own San Francisco to Dubai to Portugal. Most of my experiences are no different than booking a regular tour, unfortunately. And, the actual tour matters little. What matters a LOT more is WHO the tour is with. Airbnb needs to match me with other traveler’s who I will connect with. They don’t do this. No one does this.


When I see a dozen ‘desert safari’ experiences offered from the same company in Dubai, I start to wonder what all this fuss is about. People will use it as it’s convenient to do so, but for the number of resources put into Airbnb Experiences experiment, I’m disappointed.


Airbnb wants to create TV shows to convince people to travel more


As part of Airbnb’s plan to be part of your entire travel experience, they will help encourage you to travel more with travel stories, documentaries, and shows.


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Airbnb expands medical stay program: 4 things to know


The announcement was made here:


This is part of Airbnb’s OpenHomes program.


March 2019

Airbnb Has a Hidden-Camera Problem


They do not. But the media does a great job of finding the exceptions and highlighting them. Statistics should be compared to statistics, not to individual cases. Statistics say that 99.9% of hosts do not have hidden cameras. Why is the media focusing on the 0.1%? We already know why.


As this is the hot topic of the day, I suggest no host install security camera’s for the time being until the media latches on to another obscure issue.


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Five factors that will determine the success of your Airbnb


This is a more in-depth article covering special topics like click-through rates, acceptances, etc. Recommended 5-minute read.



Airbnb just bought HotelTonight in a play for last-minute travelers


Two purchases in two months! Last month was, Airbnb event/meeting space rentals. Both companies are rather small. HotelTonight is much smaller than I thought, not available in many premier cities around the world.


Or check out this article for more information: Why Airbnb Is Buying HotelTonight



Google adds vacation rentals to Hotel Search


I’m not sure how popular this is, to be honest. It’s Google so it must be. Airbnb is not signed on to this, at least they do not show up. I ran a simple search and it seems easy to use. There is an upside to Airbnb, but no downside for the hosts as long as it’s automatically connected. If the guest finds your listing via this route, they’re still to be taken to to finalize the booking.



February 2019

The satellite image of my Airbnb rental is shocking — I want a refund!


Wow! So glad I found this article. This company can help you with Airbnb issues you are having (with the company). They’re an advocacy group. This article is really well written and, in fact, reminds me of a type of customer I’ve dealt with in my own business – one who threatens lawsuits and is generally unpleasant to deal with. Nevertheless, this group took the Airbnb refund case and accomplished it.



Q: Does Airbnb Cause Rents to Increase?


Interesting article, but I disagree for the one fact that I have yet to hear a legitimate argument against: The number of Airbnbs taken off the market to be rented exclusively on Airbnb is simply too small to have any measurable effect on rents. For example, in San Francisco, the most rentals ever were about 12,000. The total available for rental units is around 400,000. If we assume (incorrectly) that all 12,000 are entire homes that otherwise would have been rented longer-term, that represents only 3% of the available units for rent. I think even half that number is still a gross overestimate, which would be 1.5%.


Then when you consider how many units are vacant in San Francisco, the SF Tenant’s Union, the same who fights against Airbnb, puts this number at 30,000. That’s 30,000 units vacant, mostly because they’re investments and the investors don’t rent due to the terrible landlord-tenant laws in San Francisco. That’s 6x the number of Airbnbs now in San Francisco.



What to look for in an Airbnb, according to frequent users


These guests recommend using to find out the safety level of your city. Unfortunately, it’s not widely available yet, but a good idea nevertheless. You can also use



How I got banned for life from Airbnb


Airbnb, do better than this. The community demands a proper response.



Americas: Airbnb Acquires Online Meeting Space Marketplace is a company where you can booking meeting space similar to how you can book a vacation home on Airbnb.


January 2019

How to get five-star Airbnb reviews


Good refresher, though it’s written by an Airbnb property manager so I don’t think you need to hire an Airbnb property manager to get 5-star reviews. Look for an upcoming article on how to find a good one. Or, take a look at my Elevate Host program which essentially makes you the Airbnb property manager, but automates everything leaving you with only an hour of work per week.



How to Get Booked on Airbnb?


One more good refresher, but they mention a little known feature on Airbnb: Airbnb Pro Marketing Page.


Here is my page if you want an example.


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I would love to read your comments about this news or new stuff not covered! This was Airbnb news from January to May 2019.

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