Boost Your Airbnb Listing: Secrets From A Former Airbnb Employee

Airbnb listings are tricky to navigate; to help them reach their full potential, it can take a lot of trial-and-error or an expert to tell you how to get the most exposure and increase your booking conversion rates.


That’s why former Airbnb employee, Airbnb property manager, Superhost, and guest of over 1,200 nights on Airbnb, Danny started With the vision of creating a business to give away his tips and industry secrets to help every Airbnb listing reach its full potential.

Top Airbnb Listing Management Tips

Use these Airbnb listing tips to ensure your listing is on potential guest’s radar in the first place.


Eliminate maximum and minimum stay requirements

Removing minimum stay requirements increases the number of guests that will land on your property – if you have a minimum stay of 3 or 4 nights, for example, you are missing out on people looking to book your place for fewer nights.


Similarly, having a limit to how long a guest can stay will eliminate a pool of FPGs (future potential guests) looking to book long term. Many hosts are hesitant to do this because of renters’ and tenants’ laws where their property is located but issues with this are rare and it is more lucrative to keep your property booked longer since the risk is minimal.


Increase the booking window on your Airbnb listing

This will also open you up to more guests searching your property as it will put you on their radar earlier. Being available to guests that need to plan an event half a year or even a year in advance will keep you booked further out in advance. Not many hosts understand this secret so you will certainly be one of the only properties available this far out.


Add a self-check-in option

A self check-in option is an additional amenity that many guests filter for. If you give them the option of checking in themselves, a luxury that guests traveling from far away, in particular, tend to opt for, you will show up in more searches.


Think about it: if you are traveling and arriving somewhere exhausted, would you rather be greeted by someone and asked tons of questions or have time to yourself to unwind and unpack right away?

Airbnb Listing Tips For Better Communication Between Guests And Hosts

The best Airbnb listing tips to keep you and your guests well informed and on the same page.


Speak another language

This seems like a no brainer but is the single best way to expand your reach to potential international guests. Filters that eliminate hosts that don’t speak a language will eliminate your property automatically. Thanks for translation services, I recommend you select at least two of the most popular languages of guests’ traveling to your city.


Clearly outline negatives to your property

It may seem like a bad thing to clearly define any negative aspects of your property but not booking a guest is better than hosting a guest who will post a negative review on your Airbnb.


Any guest you lose due to your inability to provide something will just open you up to other guests who will appreciate your space. Set clear expectations, emphasize positives but be clear about negatives to eliminate bad reviews.


Send a “welcome” message a few days before guests arrive

In your welcome or check-in message, outline all of the things they should be sure to bring and how to best prepare for their Airbnb bookings. Many guests end up sending host emails with questions and recommendations for things to plan before they arrive. Beating them to it will show that you are prepared for their arrival and help them settle into the area better.


Send a “check-out” message

Let them know that you will be sending a good review their way upon checkout (no matter what the real situation is) so that they are more apt to rate your property positively.


Miscellaneous Tips For Listing On Airbnb

Finally, here are some tips for listing on Airbnb that don’t fall into a particular category and you might not have considered.


Allow pets at your property

Why? There is less competition between you and other hosts in the niche of having a pet-friendly Airbnb; this instantly gives you a leg up.


Similarly, many people would prefer to travel with their pets. Many travelers end up staying with friends or elsewhere where their pets are allowed but opening up your Airbnb property to allow their furry friends will give you more business.


Many guests with pets are also looking for longer periods of booking so giving them the option of staying at your place will keep you booking longer.


Increase listing SEO with wishlist saves

When a guest browses Airbnb, they can save properties they like to a wishlist. The more wishlist saves your property has, the better it does in search rankings. Ask friends and family to save your property to their wishlist to increase your listing’s SEO.


Airbnb has directly said this has a positive effect on your search placement.


Add more amenities to your Airbnb listing

Adding amenities to your Airbnb seems like a no-brainer but, for some reason, it’s something hosts often overlook. It’s simple really; a property that includes shower supplies, lotions, shaving kits and toothpaste and other bathroom amenities will convert more than a property without one. Being able to pack fewer toiletries is always a luxury.


Add a USB multi-charger to help guests that inevitably forget or lose their charger or don’t bring a converter along. Multi-chargers are particularly attractive because they let everyone charge their devices as soon as they get there.


Add additional coat hooks for comfortable, accessible unpacking.


Keep a hair-dryer and iron on hand and visible. Make sure your listing reflects this amenity to guests don’t have to pack these bulky and heavy devices with them. Anyone that is traveling wants to look their best, whether for business or for nice evenings out; help them look their best with these amenities.


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