Discover From Airbnb “How Much Can I Make?” With Interior Design Upgrades

How can you instantly increase the per-night booking rate you charge for your property? Or how can you get more overall nights booked at your listing, effectively improving your profit? While there are a million ways to answer the question “Airbnb, how much can I make?” one of the most effective ways is through interior design! By simply upgrading the look and functionality of your space, you will improve the lives of anyone who chooses to stay there.

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Increase Your Airbnb Income Potential With Expert Tips

Why should you trust these recommendations and tips to increase your Airbnb Income Potential? All these tips are gained from years of experience with Airbnb: nothing has gone untested and everything is a result of a prior experience.

Meet Danny!

Optimize My Airbnb was founded by a former Airbnb employee who has absorbed some of the best secrets during his time with the company. Since then, Danny has gone on to work for an Airbnb property management company and opened his own property management venture. He has hosted over 200 guests through his own Airbnb rental listing and holds the coveted title of Airbnb Superhost.

Danny knows what it takes to truly answer the question he hears so much: “Airbnb, how much can I make?” Read all of his blogs and these tips to see how much he really knows about Airbnb. After that? Purchase an Airbnb listing optimization report for the fastest, easiest and most personalized profit maximization tips without an Airbnb calculator.

Danny’s top interior design tips for Airbnb:

Tip #1: De-clutter your space

One of the benefits of staying in a hotel is a clean slate, a space that is free from the clutter of your own home and gives you a fresh space to make your own and spread out in.

Don’t let this condition be the reason that someone decides to stay in a hotel rather than your property or room. Remove visible and excessive clutter to make your listing photos and the space itself more desirable.

Tip #2: Increase the functionality of your space

After you have de-cluttered your space, add elements that will increase the organization and functionality of it. Add bins or cubbies to put shoes in and clear space or add hooks and hangers so you can store these items as soon as guests enter. This will also keep mess down by reducing mud, snow or other elements from tracking far into the house.

Cubbies, additional shelving or cleared out drawers in bathrooms also increases room for storage, allows guests to make themselves at home and reduces clutter.

Tip #3: Maximize good lighting

Even the most unique and updated interior designed homes can suffer on Airbnb if there is bad or no lighting. No one wants to stay in a home or apartment with little natural light or dingy lighting.

Add curtains or blinds that can be easily drawn back to allow natural light to spill into the space during the day. At night, opt for a variety of lighting. This could mean purchasing a variety of new lamps and light fixtures or it could be as simple as replacing old bulbs.

Tip #4: Take professional style photos

Hiring a professional to take photos of your space is one of the most foolproof ways to boost its selling potential. Professional photos give the space legitimacy and help potential guests get the clearest idea of the property. It also demonstrates your commitment to delivering a great guest experience.

Tip #5: Update your space

This is probably the most obvious tip; an updated space will earn you more money and help you stay booked for longer periods of time. Still, many hosts see this cost as too high and not worth it.

It is important to view updates on your property as an investment. The initial costs may be high but the profit you make from an updated space will make the investment well worth it.

Updates on your Airbnb booking can also include deep cleans. We’ve all seen images of properties online that look great…until we see the image of the dirty bathroom or see reviews that note that the windows were so full of pollen and dust that natural light couldn’t get in. Update your property with a deep clean on windows, in bathrooms and in all corners of the kitchen and dining spaces especially.

What Is Your Airbnb Potential Income?

Your Airbnb potential income depends on many factors; location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and outdoor spaces are just a few but the interior design of your space is equally as important.

One of the reasons that people opt to stay in an Airbnb rental versus a hotel room or suite is the option to be immersed in a home rather than risk an impersonal experience. It is one of the best ways to get a local experience, seeing what a neighborhood looks like and having to navigate the area around the property without the help of a concierge.

One of the reasons that people choose not to stay in an Airbnb is because they believe they will find more comfortable and clean accommodation in a hotel. Beat this stigma by providing your guests accommodation that rivals even the nicest luxury hotel chains! Update and upgrade your property for the best experience and (ultimately) a better profit.

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