Airbnb Holiday Season Tips: How to Add Charm to Your Airbnb3 min read

Airbnb Holiday Season Tips

It’s the Airbnb holiday season and people around the world are celebrating various festivities and enjoying special moments with loved-ones – from Thanksgiving and Hanukkah to Christmas and New Year’s Eve. As an Airbnb host, you can optimize your listing and update your place to attract holiday travelers and provide your guests a bit of that warm and fuzzy feeling even if they’re halfway across the globe. Here are some ways to leave a lasting impression on guests this holiday season.


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Airbnb Holiday Season Tips: Update Listing Photos

Switch things ups by uploading holiday-themed photos that showcase your most attractive spaces accompanied by special decor. This could be Christmas lights in the living room, a twilight shot of outdoor lighting, a wreath on your entrance, a yard display, or other semblances of the season. The idea is to grab attention and let potential guests know you’re in tune with the time of year and ready to make their stay a special occasion.

Airbnb Holiday Season Tips


Message Board

Encourage guests to leave a friendly message on a pin-up board (whiteboards or chalkboards also work) wishing future guests a happy new year or sharing what they loved most about your city. This creates a sense of community and it’s a fun way to make newcomers feel welcomed and let them leave their mark.


Charity Box

Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas tend to bring out the spirit of giving in many people, so why not offer guests the satisfaction of helping others while abroad? Choose a charity you care about and leave a donation box with a brief description of the cause. Guests who choose to donate will leave feeling happy that they could still participate in giving while away. You can encourage them to sign their name and email address if they’d like an update on how the charity effort turns out; and, be sure to send your Airbnb guest a special message of appreciation via Airbnb once they check out.


Donation Bin

Similar to the charity box, providing a donation bin where travelers can leave items they no longer need such as old coats, umbrellas, bags, etc., is another way to approach the idea of paying-it-forward. Digital nomads, in particular, tend to accumulate things because they’re constantly on the go and may not have time to find organizations to donate to while globetrotting. You can spare them the trouble of finding legitimate goodwill establishments and help lighten their load at the same time. Be sure to mention the donation bin in your listing and upload a photo.


Small Gift

It’s always nice to leave a small yet thoughtful gift for guests, and during this time of year it’s even more meaningful to leave one that speaks to the holiday season such as a Christmas stocking filled with candy canes or – to stay on the neutral side – a small box of local confections and a note wishing happy holidays. Try it, and see your reviews light up with thank yous.


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Airbnb Holiday Season Tips: #HashtagIt

If you have a social media page for your listing, encourage guests to snap a photo in a designated area that has an attractive background and ask them to share the photo online with a holiday-inspired hashtag. Then, repost the images to your page to spark more interest in your place as one of the season’s best getaways in your city. Something along the lines of #BestHolidayEver is sure to create curiosity and excitement.


What are your Airbnb holiday season tips?

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