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I'm Danny, the Airbnb expert
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I'm Danny and I worked at Airbnb for three years.

"I help Airbnb hosts make more money."

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Higher Search Rankings

Get found easier by those who are ready to book.

Increased Nightly Rate

Make more money from each guest that stays at your property.

Higher Occupancy

Receive more bookings from more desirable guests.

More Listing Views

Your Airbnb listing will be more prominent online.

More Inquiries

With more exposure comes more interest in your listing.

Better Credibility

With each positive review, your chances of booking increases.


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Make More Money with Tips from a Superhost

"Optimize your listing is fast and easy to read. I implemented some of the strategies Daniel suggests and in the first 24 hours, we had $2983 in increased bookings. It's now been 8 days and we are up to $7115.30. Pretty happy with the return on the cost of the book and 10 hours of my time!"

- Tim Banfield, Airbnb Host

“Danny – You might be a magician. I made a bunch of your suggested updates to the listing and I’ve had $660 in bookings (only 2 nights!) in the last 24 hours..”

Todd, Airbnb Host

“Danny is an expert in the vacation rental business. His ideas helped me get more bookings and more inquiries. Thanks Daniel!”

- Charles, Airbnb Host

“Awesome, super fast delivery, just what I was looking for, got a couple bookings a few hours after applying the changes”

- Kaixun, Airbnb Host

Make more from your Airbnb today!

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